This morning, as Jesse played with G so that I could sleep a little extra, he also called our friend, Father/Monk Gregory. About halfway through their conversation, Baby G started singing. He does this, occasionally. After a few minutes of it, Fr. Gregory stopped and said, “Would you get a load of THAT!”

Our boy loves to sing. The other morning, I was making up all sorts of songs for him, such as, “How much is that BAAA-BY in the window?”. After a while, I took him in to change his diaper. Suddenly, he launched into song for a full 20 minutes. He even sang over me as I tried to talk to him 🙂 Silly mom, for trying to interrupt.

I know which side of the family he gets it from. While we were home, I attended the 17th birthday party of my sister in law, Emily. She is part of a group called The Love Notes. They are actually to the point where they’re getting paid for a few of their gigs.

Anyways, they would probably hate this video of them, seeing as they’re probably perfectionists, but I think it’s AMAZING, on three levels. 1., they are all 3 in highschool. 2., they do ALL of their own arrangements. 3., this performance is entirely impromptu, without warmup, after eating a few slices of pizza. I asked if they would sing a song for G, so they dedicated it to him! You can even hear him giggle at 1:18.

Sadly, my camera ran out of memory space a few minutes into it, but you’ll be able to get the idea.

BTW, my sister-inlaw is the tall one 🙂


One thought on “Singing

  1. These girls definitely need to try out for the next acappella show (can’t remember the name, but it was a great show!).

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