Today, I stopped by Central Market on my way home from piano lessons. I love my short shopping trips to this store, since I only get a few special items and can carry them out with one reusable bag.

We have hormone/antibiotic free chicken, Grain Fed/Cage Free Eggs from a Texas Farm (only $1.99/dozen! See, eating organic doesn’t HAVE to cost a ton!), and pear/ginger muffins! Can’t wait to eat one!

Next up, we have a few organic fruits and veggies I’m going to experiment with this week by making baby food ! They were all less than $5 to buy, so unless I only get 10 jars of baby food out of all that, it will still be cheaper than buying it pre-made. Like I said though, it will be an experiment…

And, in case those muffins looked WAY too yummy, I have up next a picture of our latest science experiment, otherwise known as, “What happens when Kelly’s been away for a week!”

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