Mr. Sunshine

Dear baby boy,

You don’t know how much it makes Mommy’s day just to be with you. Especially on days like today, where you wake up giggling and cooing in your crib. Mommy put you next to her, where you both cuddled for at least half an hour. You babbled away the entire time, knowing Mommy would listen. You thought her sweatshirt strings were just the coolest thing ever!

Mommy loves what an affectionate boy you are becoming. You love to cuddle close into Mommy’s neck and give little baby kisses. You’ve started wrapping your arms around her when she’s holding you, sighing contentedly.

You love life so much! Mommy can tell without even looking at your mouth that you are smiilng– your eyes say it all. You are a much happier baby now that you are done being sick and are back to sleeping 5-7 hour stretches at night.

Such a beautiful boy. Mommy and Daddy are so blessed to be your parents.

Sadly, this is a 0-3 month sleeper. And it still fits, although you're almost too long for it!

Oops. Mommy startled you here!

Playing games with Mommy

What a guy πŸ™‚

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