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This is a blog I’ve followed for quite a while. I like her philosophy on life and living simply. She and her family used to live in Austin, TX, but recently her husband quit his job for a year so that they could move to Italy, using only their savings! I’m sure the blog will only get more interesting as she documents their adventures.

Anyways, here is her post from today. I found it really touching– perhaps you will too. Also, for those of you that are pregnant and still live in an apartment, I find this kind of article rather helpful.

4 Month Letter to G

Dear Lil G,

Your mommy is writing this a little after your 4 month birthday, mainly because life got incredibly busy these past couple of days! You’ve handled it like a champ, however. I think it says a lot about your personality that you adapt so well and feel secure enough to “go with the flow”. You come with Mommy to Curves and sit quietly while Mommy works out. Mommy also carts you along to her piano lessons, and you continue to charm everyone you meet, week after week. For some reason, 90% of the time you are always on your BEST behavior for everyone but your parents! Perhaps it’s because you can sense how much everyone who meets you loves and adores you. Having face after face fawning over every sneeze, giggle or coo really does make you happy. Happy/cute/adorable baby= eager families, BEGGING me for the chance to babysit!

One of the biggest developments you’ve made in this month has been with sounds. You are SUCH a talkative baby, and make gurgles and squawks non-stop, even during the quietest parts of church 🙂 One, in particular, is this bone-chilling, high pitched SCREEECH that makes everyone around you jump out of their seat. At first, it started as a discovery of your vocal chords, as you investigated just HOW LOUD you could actually be. Once you saw how much attention you got as a result, however, you started using it whenever you want attention. I’ve babysat a lot of babies and siblings in my day, as has Daddy, and we’ve NEVER heard anything quite like it. You also love to sing. I catch you humming along to the radio in the car whenever we’re driving somewhere. You also “sing-song” yourself to sleep many nights.

Speaking of sleep, you are still quite the Sleepless Wonder. Usually, I know I can get two 1.5 hour naps out of you during the day, but when they occur? Not a clue 🙂 Your bedtime, however, has become very well-established. Mommy nurses you around 9pm, Daddy changes your diaper, we do our prayers together, and Daddy puts you straight to bed. The first couple nights, you fought Daddy for at least an hour, sometimes more. Now, however, you are fast asleep within 10 minutes, although those 10 minutes can be some of your most stubborn of the day! You will do ANYTHING to try to stay awake, including loud grunts and slapping yourself in the face! Sometimes, you work yourself into such a frantic tizzy, you’re drenched in sweat and Daddy has to completely undress you to calm you down! Once asleep, you usually stay down until between 3-4am, when Mommy nurses you and puts you right back in bed. Location-wise, you still sleep next to Mommy and Daddy in your Pack n Play with your white noise machine, but once or twice a week you start out in your crib in the other room. Mommy’s goal this next month is transition you full-time to your crib, as you move away from night feedings.

Mommy loves this peaceful, sleeping face 🙂

Toys are also quite the commodity these days. You have 5-6 that you can’t live without and provide endless entertainment. Mommy can usually buy at least an extra hour of sleep in the morning if she sticks you in the bouncy seat and hands you one. Textures, sounds, tastes…it’s a lot of fun watching you process it all. At first, your attempts to grab things reminded Mommy of one of those claw machines at an arcade, trying, trying, but never succeeding. Now, however, your fingers are very dextrous, and you’ve learned to see what it is you want, pick it up, and put it or throw it where you want (99% of the time, your mouth!).

Size-wise, you must have the metabolism of a hummingbird– you eat, eat and eat, but aren’t chunky! I’ve noticed one or two tiny rolls on your thighs and arms, but that’s it– no belly, no chin (s). If you saw pictures of your Mommy and Daddy at this age, it would be obvious which one you take after. I’ll give you a hint– Mommy’s nicknames were, “Kelly Belly” and “Thunder-thighs”. You are very long and lean, and continue to shock everyone with how very strong you are. You can lay on your tummy and play with toys for minutes on end. You can pull yourself out of your bouncy seat using JUST your abs. It’s incredible! Hopefully you will fit into at least SOME of your 3-6 months clothes by next month– for now, you are just barely growing out of your 0-3s (and only in length).

As far as interaction goes, even though you tolerate being held and loved on by others, you definitely know who your parents are. On the rare occasion that you get upset during a piano lesson, all the mom needs to do is carry you in to the same room where I am teaching. You hear my voice and instantly calm down (unless you’re hungry, in which case you freak out!). Mommy has endless games to make you giggle, including touching your toes to your nose (singing the “Piggy Toes” song Mommy grew up with, of course!) and tickling your neck. You love to bounce and dance with Mommy to the Blues music Daddy plays every evening. Often, you will just sit and stare at him, fascinated with his guitar skills. You also love to listen to him sing songs to you. This heightened awareness does not come without drawbacks, however– there are certain things that really scare and startle you, including rustling chips’ bags and Claire’s sudden barks. Even a sudden deep, “Booo!” from Daddy during playtime can freak you out. Your scared cry doesn’t last long, however, as you get distracted and move on to the next thing.

All in all, “Little Man”, you are still Mommy and Daddy’s greatest joy. We think you are the “Cat’s Pajamas”, so to speak, and can’t get enough of you and your antics.

Love, Mommy

First Cold :(

I had so much cool stuff to blog about from this weekend, but instead I feel the need to talk about how hard it is to watch your 4 month old baby be so sick. Sat. night, Gregory came down with the same cold that both Topher and Jonathan have had all week. This makes perfect sense– Courtney does me the huge favor of watching G on Mondays and Tuesdays for the 45 min. before Jesse gets home while I beat traffic and get to my piano lessons. I knew there was a possibility, but I didn’t think he’d had enough exposure to get it.

It’s not that the bad cough and runny nose have me terribly worried. The “gunk” is pretty thin and clear, so it’s easy to squeeze out with one of those bulb things they give you at the birth. Add some saline drops, and it  washes all the gunk down and out.

The problem is that his excessive coughing is making him gag and throw up. LOTS. And when it happens in the middle of the night, accompanied by a little brown stomach bile? YIKES. Very scared momma.

Last night was pretty bad. By this morning, I had only slept a combined total of 3 and a half hours, seeing as I waited until 1am to go to bed (I’d had a long nap after church). When I nursed him at around 4am, he started coughing, and then, all of a sudden, all 6+ounces were all over me, the bed, the blankets, etc. Jesse had heard the guttural noise and jumped out of bed for the light. Most of the vomit was brown, so, naturally, I started freaking out. I called my mom in CA, woke her up, and asked if I should take G into the ER (I was convinced it was blood). She helped me realize that it would’ve been a different color or consistency if it was blood, and just to keep his nose clear so he could keep nursing.

Once G had gotten all of the gunk out of his airway through this coughing episode, he was happy as a clam. Both of his parents, awake and paying very close attention to him. Was it play-time? Hooray! Party on!

Unfortunately, he felt this way until around 6am, where he took a short 1/2 hr. nap, then wanted to eat again. He only nursed a little before he was asleep again. We did this same thing at 7. At 7:30, right around the time Jesse left for work (poor tired guy!), the coughing started up again. I decided that we needed medicine to get this coughing in check. Most of it didn’t sound productive, just the “tickle in the back of your throat” kind, and I wanted to suppress it so he could keep milk down.

We made it to Albertsons and into the produce aisle before he coughed twice and vomited EVERYWHERE. Mostly brown and white, again. I contained most of it with his blanket, wrapped it over on itself, and made a bee-line for the pharmacy section. I grabbed Vicks Vapor Wall Plug Ins (I have a few students who swear by them, saying they open everything right up, plus they smell good!), Children’s Dimeatapp, and Saline drops.

So far, we’ve achieved one long nap where I slept next to him so that I could keep him on his side without rolling over. That seems to work better than being on his back, elevated. He hasn’t thrown up again, which is good! Please pray that we make it through this unscathed. I’m especially worried about using the Dimeatapp, because the box says not to use it on children under 6. Courtney’s Pediatrician, however, gave her a manual that says they can have .8 mL a few times a day. I’m trying to give him .3 mL every 5-6 hours, because I’d rather under-dose him for now and see if that gets the job done. So far, it has!

And pray for me, emotionally. It’s horribly gut wrenching to see your baby coughing spastically, unable to stop long enough to catch a breath. The first time this happened, he looked up at me, so scared, with tears coming out of his eyes, and I had to leave him with Jesse and cry it out in the other room. Since then, I’ve tried to be calm about things, distracting him with toys to help him stop coughing, singing and rocking him when he’s suffering, just so that he knows things will be okay, eventually.

part 2

The last post was not just brought up by the fact that I saw a new part of a long-time piano family’s house. I’ve also had a few recent encounters that show what a different PLANET it is that these people live on!

For starters:

*One of my piano moms comes from a lot of “Southern” money. She got married where they filmed Gone With The Wind.

*When I mentioned that we went to Chilis for my birthday, one mom scoffed, “Wow! What’s next, McDonalds?” Silly me. I forgot that Chilis was only for poor people. If only this mom could see that Chili’s is such a treat that we only allow ourselves a max. of two *said* Chilis trips/month.

*I complimented one mom about her gorgeous mirror in the foyer. She got told me she got it in Austria from an antique dealer during a recent trip to visit her mother who owns a castle in Germany. Excited, she asked if I collected antiques, proceeding to tell me which countries her couches and tables were imported from. If only she knew that the only antique shopping I do is at thrift stores.

*Another mom was upset about how much her gardening bill was for the week. $700. My jaw was on the floor. She was actually upset because that was just for the front yard.

*A 10 year old down the street had a $20k birthday party thrown for her. Complete with a caterer. Hard to realize that the cost of my wedding was only on par with a 10 year old’s birthday party.

*Speaking of weddings, my cousin attended a posh one for the cousin of one of these families. There were close to 500 guests. Each was given a Tiffany vase as a party favor.

*One mom was going to Ireland for a week with her husband. To watch her kids, she had their old nanny flown in from Toronto, Canada.

*One mom hired an Anthropologie exec. to go through her closet and put together outfits for her to wear.

*Southlake is famous for something called, “The Mommy Makeover”, consisting of a 3 part plastic surgery– tummy tuck, boob job, butt lift. You are in the minority if you haven’t had this done and choose to go “au naturale” after having kids. I guess the only positive side to this is that at least most women here choose to have kids!

*On a few occasions, I’ve arrived at a lesson, only to have the mom apologize because her face is covered in splotches from the first of a few laser treatments she’s having to correct her wrinkles. One woman who said this is in her 30s.

Rarely ever, however, do any of these moms make me feel as though I am dirt poor in comparison. The Chilis/McDonalds comment bordered on it, but I guess I could feel flattered that she felt comfortable making that type of “joke”, figuring that I would find it funny right along with her.

And yet, they must have SOME sort of clue, right? They know I live in an apartment. More than a third of my students have actually BEEN to our apartment. They obviously know that I still have to work instead of being a 100% stay at home mom.

Perhaps it’s just hard for them to conceive of a world wherein a Caucasian family doesn’t have tons of money!

I’m not trying to wrongfully presume. I am just trying to make sense of it all 😉

Why am I shocked?

Occasionally, I’m reminded of the “economic divide” existing between myself and my Westlake/Southlake students.

Make that “gaping chasm”.

Today, I arrived early at one of my piano students so that I could nurse G. The mother graciously offered me her bedroom for quiet privacy.

Maybe it’s the fact that I have been going to these houses for years, but I’ve grown quite used to the dramatic foyers, beautiful detailed finishes, massive square footage.

But it smacks me in the face when I enter a new part of their house.

For instance, technically, I didn’t nurse in her Master Bedroom. I nursed in the adjoining sitting room.

I got this picture from a house for sale that's across the street. Very similar.

From where I was sitting, I could see into the bathroom (one of 7, mind you). Get this: to get to the tub, you would have to climb 4 stairs. It was situated up in a bay window on a platform that has to be the size of our bathroom.

This one is a little smaller, plus it's missing the iron scroll banisters leading up the stairs

Once I re-entered the foyer, I saw things with new eyes– huge windows, soaring ceilings.

Most of my students have their grand pianos in rooms similar to this

Picture the energy bills for a 10,000 square foot house...more than we pay in rent!

Sometimes, they invite me into their kitchen or their home office while they get me a glass of water or write their tuition check.

I'd totally become a chef if I could have a kitchen like this!

How much fun would it be to read and write in front of this fireplace?

As I drive away, it becomes apparent why Westlake is considered the wealthiest suburb in all of the US. Even the Head Coach of the NFL Saints is moving there.


I know. Just from the title, it’s evident that I shouldn’t even be approaching this hot-button debate topic.

But the whole issue has been really weighing on me. I know I will feel better if I at least write about it. None of what I’m about to say is a judgement on either side of the issue. These are just my thoughts, as I process what’s right for Gregory and for our family.

What sparked the issue? Gregory’s 4 month appt., where he gets vaccinated FIVE times, is supposed to take place tomorrow. And I just cancelled the appt. and switched doctors.

Explanation of the first: we are trying to figure out a few insurance related issues. We took Gregory off of Jesse’s health insurance during open enrollment season in December, planning to put him onto my UD health insurance. However, when we decided in Jan. that I shouldn’t finish my thesis this semester, that option closed. So, here we are, with no insurance for our precious boy! Luckily, we did set aside hundreds of dollars in our medical fund that we have through his work. All pre-tax money. And we’re also saving $150/month by not paying for his insurance. The out-of-pocket cash expense of a pediatrician appt. for someone with no insurance? $120. Even if we go to one appt./month, we are saving $30 + the $20 copay. And we have the medical expense fund to pay for that.

Regardless, I actually went ahead and applied for Texas Medicaid for G. Because I didn’t work for a few months, we BARELY qualify. Who knows, he might get it. Our tax dollars are paying for it, so, I figure, why not? We are still waiting for whether they approve our application.

Explanation of the second: We are switching doctors because, while I like ours, the office policy is the AAP’s schedule for vaccinations. They will go with Dr. Sears’ schedule, but if you decide to omit any of them, they ask you to find another Dr.

Originally, I had no problem with G getting every single vaccination, so we went ahead with this Dr. But then, G had a pretty noticable reaction to his 2 month vaccinations. Nothing major or serious, just a fever and 2 days of high-pitched screaming as his body fought off everything.

Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of research about how each vaccine is made. Nothing I read made me go, “WOAH! NEVER AGAIN!”, but it did give me pause. I won’t go into it here– it’s gross and technical–  but it involves things like someone else’s DNA and monkey blood being injected into a baby.

Dr. Sears’ book was an invaluable resource during this process. I like that he doesn’t explain one side of the issue, mostly because he isn’t on one side or the other. He says things like, “If a parent tells me they aren’t going to vaccinate their child until they’re 2, I say, ‘Great, you’d better be planning to breastfeed them until they’re 2!'”, allowing for the possibility that it might be the right move for some families. He outlines alternative approaches, such as not getting the chicken pox vaccination until the child is a teen and has a blood test verifying whether or not they’ve been exposed and contain the antibody.

He also explains the gravity of the situation if enough people stop getting vaccinated. For instance, Rubella, part of the dreaded MMR vaccine, is extremely damaging, even lethal, to unborn fetuses. I actually grew up next door to a girl whose mother was exposed to Rubella while she was in utero. She was born deaf as a result. I know that if I chose NOT to get G vaccinated “as a precaution” without undeniable evidence of ACTUAL harm coming to him, and another child died as a result, God have mercy on me! Not to mention that if G were to get Pertussis right now, his odds of survival are extremely low.

So, for me, it’s not IF I choose to get G vaccinated, it’s when and how.

Part of me feels like waiting until G isn’t breastfeeding anymore. Breastmilk is POWERFUL stuff, as evidenced by our recent encounter with the stomach flu. That bug was SUPER contagious. Jesse and I were extremely careful, and he got it. Even our dog got a case of diarrhea as a result (the.grossest.thing.I’ve.ever.encountered.period.). G, the kid who puts everything in his mouth? Not a sniffle. He was a bit cranky, probably due to the fact that his parents were vomiting all around him and couldn’t play. But nothing. SAME exact scenario with the Unruhs, who are also breastfeeding Jonathan.

Then again, if I wait until after G’s weaned, I’m bombarding his newly weaned immune system. Perhaps it would be better to vaccinate now, before his body is fighting normal things, like the common cold, on his own.

The stomach-flu saga also showed me that, while things like Rota-virus aren’t too harmful (just a bad case of throwing up for several days), I don’t want to go through that with him! What’s more heart breaking than watching a kid who’s unable to understand why they feel so so so crummy, for days on end? Not to mention how they are at such risk for severe dehydration? G would be hospitalized if he got it right now. Add onto that the nearly  0% chance of them having side effects from the vaccine (it isn’t even a shot), and I know where I stand!


I haven’t completely made my decisions yet. But I have switched to Courtney’s Dr., who is willing to work with it, in the event that I decide to be selective.

Thanks for listening! I feel much better 🙂

Redefining “Breath-taking”

I’m not even sure how to begin blogging about this evening. Jesse and I just witnessed one of the most incredible concerts I’ll ever go to in this life.

I knew to expect awesome music. I didn’t realize, however, that I would have to pick my jaw up off the floor the whole entire time. It was ABSOLUTELY RIVETING. I never knew how fitting the term, “breathless” really is– there were times that I got light-headed, simply because I kept forgetting to breathe! Sounds dramatic, I know, but I was absolutely stunned into motionless awe. Our friend Clay said that he doesn’t think he did anything but blink his eyelids and swallow the entire last hour.

Known as the best modern composer of our time, Metropolitan Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church is currently in the USA, watching his masterpiece, St. Matthew’s Passion, be performed in New York and Dallas. The one that took place in New York happened on the 7th of January and cost $20/each for the nosebleed seats. Highland Park Presbyterian Church of Dallas, however, put it on for free. They mostly featured singers who received their graduate degrees in music from Julliard. No amateurs to be found. Here is the press release on their website.

I've seen a lot of big churches in Texas, but this was definitely the biggest. What you see here is just the main sanctuary-- the other 2/3 of the church spread out over a block

The inner sanctuary where the concert was held

Not only is Metropolitan Hilarion a famous, international figure, he’s also one of the smartest men in the world today with a Doctorate from Oxford and another one from Moscow Theologial Seminary, authoring over 600 publications.

Besides being smart, he’s also extremely musically gifted, receiving his classical music education at the Moscow Gnessins School and then later as a Moscow State Conservatory. He’s composed several famous choral symphonies and orchestras– all of which have been performed in Russian ONLY, until now.

So, Jesse and I decided we simply had to attend, especially since there was free childcare. Since there was only one other baby in the under 1 yr. room, G got one-on-one attention for the entire event. The baby room was replete with cribs, swings, bouncers, exersaucers, even an armed policewoman at the front desk. I had to sign him in where they gave me a pager in case he was inconsolable. It was hard to hand him over for a few hours– my hand was shaking as I filled out the form– but the ladies were so tender and warm, it was hard to feel too scared. Plus, they took down all sorts of information (does he like to be swaddled when he sleeps? Does he have his own pacifier, or do we need to give him one of ours?), so I knew he’d be well attended to. I had also just nursed him, so I knew that he wouldn’t need to eat.

Basically, the entire work has 4 sections: The Last Supper, The Trial, The Crucifixion and The Burial. There were sections where the “Evangelist” (similar to what a Reader does during a typical Orthodox service) sang responses straight from the gospel of Matthew to the choir while the orchestra played. Every word was written out for us in our program. Most of it was taken directly from our Lenten Holy Week services.

The highlights for me:

The first was in The Trial, where they are questioning Judas. The music was so low, so sinister, and so eerily beautiful…this was the first time that I forgot to breathe. The words: What reason led thee, Judas, to betray the Savior? Did He expel thee from the company of the apostles? Did He deprive thee of the gift of healing? When thou wast at supper with the others, did He drive thee from the table? When He washed the others’ feet, did He pass thee by? How many are the blessings that thou has forgotten! Thou are condemned for thine ingratitude, but His measureless longsuffering and great mercy are proclaimed to all. I couldn’t find a YouTube video for this part, but if you go here and skip it to a little after a third of the way, you should find it. Even though it’s in Russian, I was able to identify it…very distinctive “bad guy” sound to it.

The second was at the end of The Last Supper where they sang The Beatitudes. The line, “Blessed are those who are persecuted for Righteousness sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”, clearly is calling the audience to participate in the crucifixion, remembering that we are to die with Christ so that we might live.

The third was during The Crucifixion. You would expect that this would be the saddest part of the whole thing, and it definitely was, but only for a short while. The key actually switched from Minor to Major at the end of this section as a way of showing how much hope we find through Christ’s death. No Mel Gibson-esque reveling in the gore and pain. There was even only one small piece devoted to Mary’s suffering. My favorite part: Today He is hung upon the Cross who hung the earth upon the waters. He who is King of the angels is arrayed in a crown of thorns. He who wraps the heaven in clouds is wrapped in the purple of mockery. He who in Jordan set Adam free received blows on His face. The Bridegroom of the Church is transfixed with nails. The Son of the Virgin is pierced with a spear. We venerate Thy Passion, O Christ. Show us also Thy glorious Resurrection.

(Word to the Wise: The Prettiest/Saddest Part of this section is about 3/4 of the way through the Russian video. Wait for the picture of Jesus nailed to the cross. After that reading– Matt. 27:45-50, just the women sing, with the sopranos holding one note, the mezzos descending incrementally, as they sing, “We hymn Thee, we bless Thee, we give thanks to Thee, O Lord, and we pray unto Thee, O our God”…absolutely gorgeous).

But the ABSOLUTE best part? The opening of The Crucifixion, right after the Intermission. Everything is completely silent. The bass strings begin, low and slow. The violas are added in harmony. And then, just the men sing, barely audible: Let all mortal flesh stand with fear and trembling, and let it keep silence and take no thought for any earthly thing. For the King of Kings and Lord of Lords draws near to be sacrificed and given as food to the faithful. Alleluia. It was stunning. I didn’t know whether to pray or sit and marvel at the beauty behind the composition. You can find this section at the same Russian website as before by skipping halfway through the video. Wait for the violins to finish playing the ending Fugue, silence, and then it will be there.

Please, take a few minutes to listen to these excerpts. I promise, you won’t regret it. This concert was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced– I’d be shocked if you didn’t take away at least something from listening.

This is the opening number, where the choir sings, “Come, let us sing a holy lament to Christ. Come, let us sing holy laments to Christ. Alleluia. Lord my God, I will sing to Thee a funeral song. Thine all-holy Mother weeps for Thee, lamenting.” Don’t worry if you can’t understand what they’re saying– this Youtube version is in Russian (as I said, the only 2 English performances ever done just occurred this last week!).

This second excerpt is the Finale, where they sing: “Thy death, O Lord, we proclaim. Alleluia, glory to Thee.” The last 2 minutes of the video are of Metropolitan Hilarion receiving a standing ovation.

Birthday $…mostly spent!

Tonight, after I taught 2.5 hours of piano lessons while Jesse was teaching 1.5 hours of guitar lessons (I know, we’re quite the team!), Julie, Jesse and I went to our new fav taco place, Fuzzy’s Tacos. Amazing, cheap food with a fun atmosphere! If you ever come visit us in Texas, we’ll definitely take you 🙂 Their white cheese queso is AMAZING!

Once we were done eating, Julie, G and I went shopping to spend some of my birthday money from both my parents and my generous in-laws (I hate that term, sounds too much like “outlaws”, don’t ya think?). Anyways, I feel very pleased with what I got!

I feel absolutely GIDDY about these boots I got from Anthropologie! They are so super comfy too...!! EEK!

New York and Company Skinny Flare Trouser Jeans-- dressy enough for church! I must say, however, I felt like their sizing was a bit large. I had to go a size lower than I normally do in everything I tried on...I don't usually buy their clothes-- is this typical??

I absolutely LOVE this top, also from New York and Company

This looks like pink but it's actually light purple. It just so happens to be my favorite color...even my piano students all know this 🙂


This morning, I had my long-time hairstylist chop off 6+ inches of my hair! I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time now, but since it costs so much I tried to wait as long as possible. My birthday seemed like the perfect excuse– instead of presents, I told Jesse, I just wanted to have my hair and nails done. Anything to combat the frumpy momma syndrome!

One of the things I love about going to the same hairstylist for the last 3 years is that we have a history. She knows the styles I’ve tried, what I’ve liked and disliked, how my hair behaves, etc. Our conversations are also nice because she had a baby 2 years ago. She couldn’t get enough of G’s pictures, and even brought along a baby present for me to our appt.!

So, what could be just a haircut actually turns into a relaxing 2 hours getting pampered and chatting with another mom! What would I do without Julie to babysit for me?

You can see what Jenny affectionately refers to as the "Barbie's Birthday" pink on my nails 🙂

Video of the Ice

The highway featured goes right by our house 🙂