Can’t help myself!

Since we are going to move, one way or another this summer, I’ve been looking at apartments not only near Jesse’s work, but also near our church and friends in Dallas.

The thing that I love about the section of town where our friends, Katie and Clay, live, is that it’s historic. Almost every building is from the 20s, renovated to meet today’s market needs.

The result? Beautiful, exciting places to live, all within our price range!

One of my favorite aspects of old homes-- built-ins!

lovin the arched doorways...

Beautiful streets of Dallas

Can't figure out which I love more...the wood floors, or the awesome door!

This is the entryway to a 4-plex. Sooo cool!

Renovations=torn down walls to create open floorplans!

2 thoughts on “Can’t help myself!

  1. We have wood floors and an arched doorway in our house and I love them!! Thats the one nice thing about Topeka….everything is so old and rich (rich like cream sauce…not like bill gates).

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