Girls’ Night Out

I’m finally getting around to the posts I wanted to be writing this weekend!

Last Friday night, as is our custom, the 20’s-30’s “gals” of St. Seraphim got together for a much needed Girls Night Out. No kids (well, unless you count 10 year old Jorge, who only woke up in order to fix the Wii for us!), no diets. We met at PF Changs at the Northpark Mall in Dallas, where we had to be seated at two tables in order to accommodate everyone. We then met back at Lori and Ron’s beautiful new house, where we held a mini baby shower for Katie (she’s 37 weeks with her 3rd! Almost there!), talked, drank wine and margaritas and played “Let’s Dance” on the Wii (yes, those last two are very closely related).

All in all, it was a very special night. It has been such a blessing that all of these women have come together at this time in my life. Most of them weren’t even here back when Jesse and I moved to Dallas. They’ve just trickled in, little by little, until it’s become a fantastic group of gals who get along swimmingly! I always leave these nights feeling so loved and so part of something bigger than myself. I guess that’s what happens when you experience the love of the Body of Christ, first hand!

One table of gals at PF Changs

Lori, cutting Katie's cake

Seriously, she's all baby!

I love this picture of Anne and Katie

Karen's pose is so cool and casual. Mine's just awkward and posed (although that's actually how I was standing!)

And the dance-offs begin...

Although I hate being front and center in a picture, this shows what a great time we were all having. Notice-- there were actually only 2 Wii controllers. The rest was just enthusiasm!

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