Why am I shocked?

Occasionally, I’m reminded of the “economic divide” existing between myself and my Westlake/Southlake students.

Make that “gaping chasm”.

Today, I arrived early at one of my piano students so that I could nurse G. The mother graciously offered me her bedroom for quiet privacy.

Maybe it’s the fact that I have been going to these houses for years, but I’ve grown quite used to the dramatic foyers, beautiful detailed finishes, massive square footage.

But it smacks me in the face when I enter a new part of their house.

For instance, technically, I didn’t nurse in her Master Bedroom. I nursed in the adjoining sitting room.

I got this picture from a house for sale that's across the street. Very similar.

From where I was sitting, I could see into the bathroom (one of 7, mind you). Get this: to get to the tub, you would have to climb 4 stairs. It was situated up in a bay window on a platform that has to be the size of our bathroom.

This one is a little smaller, plus it's missing the iron scroll banisters leading up the stairs

Once I re-entered the foyer, I saw things with new eyes– huge windows, soaring ceilings.

Most of my students have their grand pianos in rooms similar to this

Picture the energy bills for a 10,000 square foot house...more than we pay in rent!

Sometimes, they invite me into their kitchen or their home office while they get me a glass of water or write their tuition check.

I'd totally become a chef if I could have a kitchen like this!

How much fun would it be to read and write in front of this fireplace?

As I drive away, it becomes apparent why Westlake is considered the wealthiest suburb in all of the US. Even the Head Coach of the NFL Saints is moving there.


One thought on “Why am I shocked?

  1. hahahahaha….well done, kel. that’s exactly what it’s like. totally weird when you think of a grand piano in a FOYER. didn’t strike me as odd until i remembered that we kept our piano squished in our living room…um, like, ‘normal’ people. gaping chasm is about right 🙂

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