part 2

The last post was not just brought up by the fact that I saw a new part of a long-time piano family’s house. I’ve also had a few recent encounters that show what a different PLANET it is that these people live on!

For starters:

*One of my piano moms comes from a lot of “Southern” money. She got married where they filmed Gone With The Wind.

*When I mentioned that we went to Chilis for my birthday, one mom scoffed, “Wow! What’s next, McDonalds?” Silly me. I forgot that Chilis was only for poor people. If only this mom could see that Chili’s is such a treat that we only allow ourselves a max. of two *said* Chilis trips/month.

*I complimented one mom about her gorgeous mirror in the foyer. She got told me she got it in Austria from an antique dealer during a recent trip to visit her mother who owns a castle in Germany. Excited, she asked if I collected antiques, proceeding to tell me which countries her couches and tables were imported from. If only she knew that the only antique shopping I do is at thrift stores.

*Another mom was upset about how much her gardening bill was for the week. $700. My jaw was on the floor. She was actually upset because that was just for the front yard.

*A 10 year old down the street had a $20k birthday party thrown for her. Complete with a caterer. Hard to realize that the cost of my wedding was only on par with a 10 year old’s birthday party.

*Speaking of weddings, my cousin attended a posh one for the cousin of one of these families. There were close to 500 guests. Each was given a Tiffany vase as a party favor.

*One mom was going to Ireland for a week with her husband. To watch her kids, she had their old nanny flown in from Toronto, Canada.

*One mom hired an Anthropologie exec. to go through her closet and put together outfits for her to wear.

*Southlake is famous for something called, “The Mommy Makeover”, consisting of a 3 part plastic surgery– tummy tuck, boob job, butt lift. You are in the minority if you haven’t had this done and choose to go “au naturale” after having kids. I guess the only positive side to this is that at least most women here choose to have kids!

*On a few occasions, I’ve arrived at a lesson, only to have the mom apologize because her face is covered in splotches from the first of a few laser treatments she’s having to correct her wrinkles. One woman who said this is in her 30s.

Rarely ever, however, do any of these moms make me feel as though I am dirt poor in comparison. The Chilis/McDonalds comment bordered on it, but I guess I could feel flattered that she felt comfortable making that type of “joke”, figuring that I would find it funny right along with her.

And yet, they must have SOME sort of clue, right? They know I live in an apartment. More than a third of my students have actually BEEN to our apartment. They obviously know that I still have to work instead of being a 100% stay at home mom.

Perhaps it’s just hard for them to conceive of a world wherein a Caucasian family doesn’t have tons of money!

I’m not trying to wrongfully presume. I am just trying to make sense of it all 😉

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