Birthday $…mostly spent!

Tonight, after I taught 2.5 hours of piano lessons while Jesse was teaching 1.5 hours of guitar lessons (I know, we’re quite the team!), Julie, Jesse and I went to our new fav taco place, Fuzzy’s Tacos. Amazing, cheap food with a fun atmosphere! If you ever come visit us in Texas, we’ll definitely take you 🙂 Their white cheese queso is AMAZING!

Once we were done eating, Julie, G and I went shopping to spend some of my birthday money from both my parents and my generous in-laws (I hate that term, sounds too much like “outlaws”, don’t ya think?). Anyways, I feel very pleased with what I got!

I feel absolutely GIDDY about these boots I got from Anthropologie! They are so super comfy too...!! EEK!

New York and Company Skinny Flare Trouser Jeans-- dressy enough for church! I must say, however, I felt like their sizing was a bit large. I had to go a size lower than I normally do in everything I tried on...I don't usually buy their clothes-- is this typical??

I absolutely LOVE this top, also from New York and Company

This looks like pink but it's actually light purple. It just so happens to be my favorite color...even my piano students all know this 🙂


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