Birthday Celebrations Day 2

Since my birthday fell on a Friday, I had a feeling that not much more than dinner could be accomplished on the actual DAY. Once we realized we were snowed in, I was sure of it.

Good thing I had planned on doing most of the celebrating today instead!

After I finished 3 hours of teaching piano lessons in the morning, I received my birthday package in the mail from my mom. Tons of fun gifts, clothes, plus an overly generous sum of $ to do with whatever I want. I love presents, so that definitely started the day off on a High Note!

After I finished eating a snack and nursed G, Courtney picked me up and we headed in to Dallas where Jenny and Karen were waiting for us at a hip Nail Salon in downtown Dallas. The day was BEAUTIFUL– I never thought I’d say this, but 45 degrees felt sooo super warm! None of us even wore jackets. It just didn’t feel right, after getting used to a week of 10-20 degree weather.

Anyways, as we settled into our massage chairs, they brought us complimentary drinks. Courtney and I had chardonnay, Karen had water, and Jenny had Diet Coke…funny how the two people getting the LEAST amount of sleep wanted alcohol!

After our nails got “prettified”, (Jenny and I totally wore those cheapo Salon Flip Flops outside into the snow to protect our pedicures!! Oh, the price of beauty!!) Karen, Jenny and I continued on to Vespers, stopping first at Eatzi’s to buy me a birthday cake (Tiramasu!! So Super Yum!). For the second week in a row, I got to sing in the choir again. Like I said, after 5 months off (4 months after G was born + last month of pregnancy since my diaphragm was non-existent) it was such a treat to be back. Jesse was such a Dad-Stud. Not only did he watch G the entire morning and afternoon, but he also kept the hungry boy pacified all through the service so that I didn’t have to leave to nurse him. G “told” him, “it was worth it just to hear Mommy sing”. On top of it all, Jesse did all this after getting up for one of G’s night feedings (using a bottle I’d pumped) so that I could rest a bit more! Seriously, you can’t buy these kinds of gifts 🙂

Once Vespers was over, all of us met up with Unruhs back in Euless at my fav Italian place, where we all stuffed ourselves with pizza, cheese bread, and, of course, Tiramasu!

All in all, what a lovely way to spend the last two days! Definitely a relaxing weekend filled with things I don’t normally get to do! Tomorrow just gets better– first, church, then, Super Bowl Party with friends again! Maybe I’ll even have time to fit in a shopping trip to Anthropologie to spend my Birthday $…it’s definitely burning a hole in my pocket 😉

At the nail salon, pic courtesy of Courtney

Karen would make friends with the wall, if it would let her 🙂

At the Pizza Place with our two godsons, Jonathan and Christopher (or, "Froo Froo", as he calls himself).


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