Snowed in Birthday

Last night, it started snowing. Lots and lots. As a result, Jesse got to stay home from work yet another day! That’s two days this week (Tuesday and Friday)– his manager said that in his 9.5 years of working for Nationstar, they’ve never even closed once until now!

So, in honor of my birthday (25!! Quarter of a Century!!) Jesse made me breakfast– eggs, bacon, coffee and toast– in bed. Then, he watched G so that I could *GASP!* sleep for at least 2 consecutive hours! I am not kidding when I say this– those of you without children, SLEEP NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN. Sure, you pulled all-nighters in college. So did I. THIS IS NOTHING LIKE IT. The only way I was able to get an hour nap yesterday was by turning over so that G could yank on my ponytail. Yup. I let my kid pull my hair for over an hour, just so I could get a nap. The craziest part was that I slept through it! Get this– including months 9 and 10 of being pregnant, it’s been HALF A YEAR since I slept through the night!

I digress. Once I awoke, feeling like a brand new person, we went out and played in the snow. G only lasted about 10 minutes– the cold, 19 degree wind kept stinging his face, seeing as that was the only part of him peeking out of his snow suit (sized newborn! Can’t believe his feet were the only thing too big for it!).

Plans for the rest of the day: Bubblebath by candlelight and dinner at Chili’s  (the only restaurant I want to eat at that’s close enough to avoid bad ice) with Julie and the Unruhs.

Here are some videos and pictures from the snow!

Unsuccessfully shielding G from the wind

Frozen pool fountain

Once again, borrowed from Jason. This is what the roads look like! Ice!!

Someone has a bit of cabin fever!!!


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