There are two things that I am doing to combat the cold. They both involve planning for spring and summer. Somehow, when I am able to convince myself that these sub freezing temperatures will not last forever, it seems to thaw my fingers, ever so slightly…

The first: I plan on saving up for this Anthropologie swimsuit. It’s outrageously expensive, but the thought of getting to wear something this awesome and VINTAGE-looking makes me quite happy.

It's quite expensive...made in Spain, if that gives you an idea...

It does, however, put the pressure on. While I weigh less than before I got pregnant, my abs are not…what they used to be 🙂 I will need to turn up the Pilates, that’s for sure!

The next thing I’m excited about is the prospect of gardening. It’s going to be EPIC (for me). I’m determined to combat Texas’ extreme hot/cold temperatures and grow tons of produce this year. The best way to do this, I’ve found, is to have “window gardens”. Sure, they limit things, mainly because of the size of the containers, but I’m ready for the challenge 🙂 Last year, as you know if you read this blog, I successfully grew large amounts of cilantro, basil and cherry tomatoes. All 3 died sometime around October– the first two, from lack of sunlight. The cherry tomatoes were dead first, having fallen prey to aphids (it’s hard to get lady bugs in window gardens!). I was pretty heartbroken about my cherry tomatoes, seeing as I planted those seeds while I was pregnant. Watching them grow was really therapeutic as I imagined the life growing inside me. I know it sounds crazy, but I got really depressed as I watched them die slowly over the course of a week. I tried everything I knew in order to save them, all to no avail. In the end, I couldn’t bear to look at them anymore and had Jesse leave them on the porch to put them out of their misery.

Anyways, I’ve already made the list of things I think I should at least attempt. Jesse would really like me to grow a few varieties of peppers, seeing as he is really into making his own salsa as of late. I would like to re-try cherry tomatoes. Basil and Cilantro are must-haves because we use them so often.

I’m not sure how many windows we will have in our next place, wherever that might be, but as of now I only have 2 windows that get enough sunlight, which means around 6 planters. Everything I’ve mentioned will probably be more than enough, but in the case that I get more, I need ideas. Obviously, I can’t grow things like cantaloupe and carrots, seeing as the containers aren’t deep enough. Anyone got any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Denial

  1. I can’t believe you can wear that swim suit! UGH. I am one of those lucky, lucky souls who’s first child left them with a stomach COVERED in stretch marks (the front of it, not the sides) and add to that 2 babies in 2 years and my stomach is a goner. I’m on the hunt for cute one-pieces forever more. Poor Justin.

    Consider yourself extremely lucky! 🙂

    And to think… just a few years ago you took me to get my belly button pierced! I miss those days.

  2. Hahaha! I remember that now! You were so stoked to get it done. I didn’t take mine out until I was something like 20 weeks pregnant. My belly button looks really weird now, probably because the piercing made the skin so weak to begin with before it was stretched by the baby. Have you tried Vitamin E oil/tablets?

    And Anthropologie sells really really cute one pieces, along with!

  3. Try growing spinach or lettuce! They grow well in planters! Rosemary and lavender are hard to kill and smell so good! Have you ever tried forcing flower bulbs indoors? Its really easy and it can make your house feel like spring even though its snowing! Paper whites are easy to grow and smell incredible! You can grow them in a clear glass jar with gravel or in a planter with dirt! We liked the clear glass and water because them you can see the roots growing everyday and we are teaching the children about roots and how things grow, its fun to see it change everyday! Just remember that if you choose the water method they will only bloom once but if you use dirt the bulbs will come back on every year! 🙂

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