That’s the term the weathermen in Dallas were using to describe the next couple of days. And that’s sure what it sounded like. Jesse and I were watching TV at around 11:30pm, when all of a sudden we heard a ROARING sound, like a train. And then, came the sound of “falling glass” (Courtney wanted credit for that description), pelting the windows.

Just last winter we had a record breaking 14 inches of snow, but this is different, for a variety of reasons.

1. The order in which things happened last night. When you have a sleet storm that freezes into ICE before the snow even arrives? What you get is a seemingly harmless and beautiful landscape. It isn’t until you WALK on it, that you realize you aren’t making any tracks (or, you realize that you’re flat on your back!). Instead, it’s 1-2 inches of THICK ICE. We can’t even park on our driveway right now– its at an incline, so our car just…slllliiiddddesss down.

2. The longeavity of it. Since this happened at the beginning of a 2-3 day stretch of under 30 degree temp., we are looking at it being here for a while. Seeing as every single surface is covered in ice (instead of just the usual bridges), Dallas’ transportation system doesn’t have enough equipment to sand everything. Business/schools/you-name-it might be closed until Thursday! Apparently, this is why half of the grocery stores have been completely cleaned out of all the staple food items– people ran out last night and stocked up on all the essentials, just in case!

3. The Super Bowl. It’s here this Sunday! Currently, DFW is shut down, seeing as all the runways are covered in ice. Naturally, clearing it up is going to be the first priority. But if visitors can’t get around this week? The Dallas economy has been planning for the Superbowl for the last couple of years, especially the businesses near the stadium. If that doesn’t pay out like they expected, there are going to be restaurants going bankrupt. People have even been renting their houses out for around $3k/day!!!

As far as we’re concerned, Jesse ALMOST went to work today. The automated number he had to call said that the company wasn’t opening until 10am, to give things time to “melt”. Yeah right. So, Jesse left for work around 9:15, hoping to slowly make it there. He knew there was trouble when the towel we had placed over our windshield “peeled” off, keeping its stiff board-like shape. After only getting 3 lights away, even determined Jesse admitted defeat. Every time he turned, he said, the car just kept going straight. Cars were sliding like bumper cars, all over the road! He called the automated number again and it said that Nationstar would be closed until further notice.

So we get to be snowed/iced in! We might ask the Unruhs if they want to hang out this evening. Jesse said that he felt comfortable driving to their place because (get this) it’s a straight shot, with only 2 turns. I told Courtney that we would probably just apply a little gas and then slide the rest of the way there!

So the 3 of us crawled back into bed and slept until 1:15pm this afternoon! Jesse’s currently making us cappuccinos in our new espresso maker. I’d say that our snow day is off to a great start 🙂

One thought on “Snow-mageddon

  1. man…we spent Sunday night showing Ben traumatizing/hilarious videos of cars sliding on ice and crashing into each other. Of course we were all laughing hysterically since we don’t have to deal with that…but good luck to him in NJ/NY and you guys in TX!

    Oh! I will have to send you a good snowed in pirate grog recipe. It helped keep our aunt/uncle warm when they were snowed in up when the north west got that bad snow storm a couple years back. =)

    Out of curiosity, is mail still being delivered or do they cancel mail deliveries on “snow days”?

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