Nationstar Humor

Last Friday, I took G to Jesse’s work so that Jesse could show him off. Everyone loved him. Jesse’s manager happened to be gone at the moment, and he hasn’t stopped saying how mad he is that he missed it. The most typical comment he got was, “How did THAT cute thing come from YOU?” Since then, people are constantly asking how “Lil G” is doing.

Yesterday was the last day of the month. As a result, the stakes were high. Everyone was stressed out, trying to get people’s payments. Jesse was even told he had to work an extra two hours (which, including lunch break, is an 11 hour day…not fun!!).

To lighten the mood, Jesse sent this picture to all of his co-workers. They loved it so much, one of them printed it out and hung it up!

Lil G says, "PLEASE pay your mortgage?"


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