Help Needed!

Up until this point, I have not bought a single toy for G. We received a small handful as presents, but I figured I would wait on the rest until he started noticing/using them. That day has definitely arrived! It’s a ton of fun to watch him discover noises and textures! He’s also very good about playing by himself, which gives me time to get stuff done around the house.

So, all of you moms out there– PLEASE chime in. What was your baby’s favorite toy? I don’t want to buy lots of useless things that will clutter up our apartment. Also, as I’ve mentioned before on this blog, Jesse has banned all toys that make electronic noise 🙂 Granted, I still use the “tunes” on his swing and bouncers, but ONLY when Jesse is gone…Wood/organic toys are definitely a plus!

Here are a few of my ideas:

Exersaucer Triple Fun–3 in 1, so it will grow with him

ImagiPlay Elephant Rattle

Playmat Gym— I pretty much just like this one for the color scheme. Something really bothers me about crazy neon colors!

Prop n’ Play gym— Seems like a genius idea. Perhaps unnecessary?

Ikea Play Mat— Cheap!

SkipHop Playspot— Something soft that I can clean! There was just a big recall in Europe over this type of foam floor tile (the formaldehyde?)– someone else have articles/details, written in English instead of French?


8 thoughts on “Help Needed!

  1. I vote for the play mat. I waited till 4 months to get one and really wished we’d done it sooner. Marshall LOVED it. He slowed down playing with it a month or so ago so I put it away and just got it out to pack it with the unused baby stuff and he is still obsessed with it at 8 months, so you’ll get your money’s worth.

    other favorite toys are this: The shape is great for learning to grab things and transfer them between hands and its good for chomping. The middle part has a small (non obnoxious sounding) rattle too so its fun for shaking. once he’s crawling he can bat and chase it, or throw it and chase it down. we try to do no plastic toys, but this one was worth it.

    this one is a close second: its cloth, and each little arm thing has a different texture. some crinkle, some are kind of squishy, some are harder. the nose has a squeaker inside of it and flips up to reveal a mirror underneath. you can also attach it to a play gym. one side is black and white and the other is brighter.

    and this is a MUST: the reviews sum everything up, but the colors are eye catching for younger babies, there is all sorts of different textures for biting, and there is a squeaker. Marshall still loves his and I have a friend whos 18 mo old still plays with his. Its made from natural rubber and food grade paint.

    also we have the ikea floor mat and love it. its HUGE which is nice.

  2. I have that exact same Exersaucer and Jackson loved it. It can make a lot of noise, but every single noise-making feature has an off switch. Jackson loved it! We got his at around 6 months and he used it for at least another 6 months. It is bulky and takes up space, but whenever Justin and I talk about moving out of our house and into an apartment it always makes the list of toys that would go with us. Although I must admit that when we turned it into the table version, he rarely played with it. So maybe the convertible style isn’t necessary? But the jungle one is really cute!

    Also, when Gregory gets to the standing and trying to walk stage, you have to get:

    We got it at about 10 or 11 months and Jackson used it for aided walking before he walked on his own, but he gets such a kick out of the loud clacking (warning it’s loud – you won’t be able to hear your tv over it) that he still uses it at 20 months. He was literally running through the house pushing it just last night. Love it!

  3. Kelly, you are smart in your thinking that Gregory does not need a lot of toys. At his age Hank liked his tummy mat and teething toys. Sassy makes a cute set of teethers that have a green turtle and an orange snail that Hank liked. At the present time, the toys I like for Hank are balls, things to spin or roll, hula hoop, bubbles, a tent, a wagon to ride in, a harmonica, and a real piano. And of course, books, books, books! They grow up so fast and are really content with so little. Save your money to buy him a great bike or a car someday.

  4. I vote for the Weider 15 lb. dumbbells; “Sing Along With Butkis” video workout; and Warren Buffett’s Trivial Pursuit Edition. No agenda, just planning ahead . . .

  5. Sassy makes a “Spin and shine” rattle (no paint, but it is plastic) that Henrik really enjoyed. He’s 14 months and still likes playing with it. Next to that his favorites are board books.

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