It’s really too bad that Jesse has to work in the mornings, because that’s where all the fun is around here. G and I wake up and commence in at least an hour of playtime. It basically consists of him making loud screech/squawking noises and me imitating him. He LOVES it. Then we finish with a round of giggling as his “Piggy Toes” touch his noise, over and over. I read that repetition is really good for their brain development at this age.

He also loves this stuffed elephant we have with rubber feet and a belly that makes a crackling sound like paper when you scrunch it. He chomps down on the feet (hmm, teething soon? yikes!) and “makes out” with the nose…kinda inappropriate, if you ask me.

After that, I place him in his bouncy seat with the toy bar hooked on in front. While I eat breakfast and check my email, he ferociously bats and punches at those things for another 45 minutes, hardly stopping to catch his breath. Hysterical. I don’t even dare to put his pacifier in at this time, because he will stop, look right at me, grab it right around the handle, and then THROW it across the room. He’s cleared at least a few feet with that thing!

Then he goes right back to punching…until I see his eyelids begin to droop. I reinsert his pacifier. He punches slower and slower, until, all of a sudden, he’s out like a light, asleep. Plays hard, sleeps hard.

I seriously love this kid 🙂

Less than 5 min. ago, he was awake!


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