3 Months Letter

Dear Lil G,

I cannot beLIEVE it’s already been 3 months!

And when did my “baby” become such a little person? The discovery of your personality this past month has been my favorite part of the journey thus far. You don’t just laugh or giggle– your face comes alive with expression. You’re suddenly aware of so much of what’s going on around you. Daddy hums a few vowel sounds, you try to mimic the EXACT same ones, even trying to shape your mouth the same way. You love, LOVE human interaction, and light up when anyone is playing with you. Your favorite game is when your “Piggy Toes” touch your nose! Makes you giggle every single time. You like to hold little conversations with whoever is changing your diaper, making a large variety of coos and baby talk sounds. And it makes you super happy to hear someone imitate you! I think you just love the sound of your voice and love discovering all the things you can do with it.

Growing: You are becoming VERY strong! Everyone who holds you is amazed at the way in which you not only hold up your head, but also your entire torso. We can prop you up on the couch and you can pretty much stay seated on your own. During tummy time, you can now pull yourself forward on the ground. Speaking of tummy time, you hate it. We have to trick you into it, usually by putting you on one of our chests and then slowly lowering down into laying position. You never ever stop moving. It’s often hard to take pictures of you because your arms and legs are such a blur! You also have quite the little six-pack– no chub to be found! As far as sizes go, you’re just now fitting into most of your 0-3 month clothes.

Play: You found that your fists are quite tasty and you spend most of your day giving yourself hickeys on them. Sometimes you’ll even claw the pacifier from your mouth in order to insert a fist. Toys are fun to grip and throw around. You notice the toy bar on your bouncy seat and love to commence into what can only be called a Kick-Boxing match!

Chatting away!

Sleep: Your nap schedule has greatly regulated itself, for which Mommy is super grateful. Most of the time, you will sleep 6-7 hours during the night time, but then a growth spurt will come and mess everything up 🙂 You slept in your OWN crib in your OWN room a few times, but it was almost too much for Mommy to bear. She lay awake most of the night, staring at the video monitor next to the bed anxiously. Somehow, you would “magically” wind up back next to her the moment Daddy was at work 🙂 She just sleeps so much better knowing you are safe nearby.

Swaddled, ready for bed!

You’re also nearly ready to be done with the swaddle blanket. Our little “Houdini”, you usually have all but one limb broken out of it by morning. We still use it whenever possible, however, because your fists have a mind of their own and try to find your mouth even when you’re asleep!

With "Gran-Fo"

Family: This last month was quite the experience for you! We travelled home to CA after Christmas and you got to meet everybody! All of your relatives were super excited to meet you, and you did not disappoint. From letting out the longest fart on Emily’s lap during dinner time, to “chatting” with everyone who held you, you were the center of attention for most of the trip. Mommy hardly had to change a single diaper– there was a long list of willing individuals. In fact, you were so used to being held that you are having a hard time transitioning back to playing by yourself for a few minutes during the day! Mommy does, in fact, have chores to do 😉 Your Aunt Julie continues to be a wonderful babysitter. She knows just what to do to make you happy!

With Gran-pa

Bath Time: You continue to LOVE your baths and just figured out how to make a giant tidal wave by swishing all 4 limbs at once. Daddy and Mommy are frequently soaked by the end of your nightly bath. We then dry you off, dress you quickly (you start screaming once you’re out of the warm water, so we double-team the job!), and finish the evening off with prayers as a family. Hopefully, this routine can continue throughout your childhood!

At this time last year, you were “but a twinkle” in your parents’ eyes. I can’t imagine life without your sweet kissable cheeks and soft baby hair. Thanks for being so much more than we could ever have hoped for, Little Man!

Love, Mommy.

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