End of Semester

I got my grades in today. An A- in my Conrad course, and a B+ in my Trivium class. I’m kinda bummed about the second grade, but I should be happy that I made it through in one piece. Those tests were hard for me– especially the Logic section, seeing as a) Logic is not my strong point! and b) I missed 3 of the 7 classes on it, since I was having a baby, and all. So even though I got As on all my written work, it wasn’t enough to counteract the Bs that I got on the 3 midterm tests.

So that’s it for my Grad classes, giving me a cumulative 3.75 GPA total for my graduate career. Unless….

I’ve been debating getting a Masters in English instead of a Masters of ARTS in English. The difference? I’d take 2 classes instead of writing a thesis. And I’d have until April to take my comp test.

I’m not sure what the disadvantages would be, other than academic prestige, of which I care nothing for. The advantages would be that I think I would learn more from taking two classes, one of which would be an Advanced Latin course, than I would from writing 50 pages about the Sonnets that no one that I know would ever read or understand. An Advanced Latin course would look great on my resume for the type of schools I’m looking at someday applying to teach for (it would basically give me enough units to also qualify as a Latin teacher). Also, I could take a class covering a section of literature I haven’t covered, giving me greater depth.

I guess the disadvantage would be scheduling with G. Writing a thesis has a little bit more flexibility to it. Most of the classes I’d want to take would be in the middle of the day, so no help there!

I guess we’ll have to see!

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