2 Months Old!

Dear G,

You’ve now been with us for exactly 2 months and 1 day (or 9 weeks, however you want to look at it!). It’s incredibly hard to believe that you are growing so fast. Already, I look back at newborn pictures and can’t picture you being that small, red and wrinkly! Mommy cried when she had to fold up a few of your newborn sleepers and put them away, realizing you’d never wear them again. Now, you are rounding out, although you have yet to acquire any cute baby rolls. It’s not that mommy doesn’t feed you– you’re just always moving and burning calories!

Some of the things we love about you:

* Your beautiful eyes. You keep them open pretty much all the time now. They are such a pretty color of blue that mommy loves making them “pop” by dressing you in matching blue outfits. And they are so expressive, so full of personality. One of mommy’s professors saw the video of you smiling and said she was mesmerized by all that was going on behind your eyes. Another of my classmates said that his 2 year old couldn’t stop watching the video, she was so captivated by your expressions. We’d have to agree that we are too– we spend hours just staring at you!

Seriously, what a beautiful baby!

*Your personality. I love how passionate you are about everything. When you’re happy, you are laughing and giggling. When you’re unhappy, you cry so hard that you choke. It can be a bit intense for mommy, and she tells you that you’re only allowed to scream that hard if you’re on fire or missing an arm. But you are always in the moment, making 100% of whatever activity you’re engaged in. We love that about you and know where you got it from 😉

Smiles! Where'd that little dimple come from?

*You’re such a BOY! Already! You absolutely LOVE being naked. Literally– the diaper comes off, and giggles ensue. Your baptism was quite the hoot– two of your favorite things, being naked and church. If we’d given you a “nipple to go” you would’ve thought you’d died and gone to heaven. The pediatrician warned me this week that you might cry when we stripped you down to weigh and measure– instead, you were happy as a clam! Diaper changing time is now your favorite.

Some tummy time you weren't happy about!

Did I mention that you are ALWAYS moving? When you are happily content to sit by yourself in a bouncer seat, we watch you spread all four limbs and flail them wildly without stopping, sometimes for over half an hour! I get tired just watching. Whenever we change your diaper, you have one rogue leg that does helicopter circles all around the changing table, sticking your heel in the diaper, knocking over objects. It’s hard to get that leg to bend and go back in your sleeper.

All stretched out! Look how long!

I think all this activity is why your legs are still long and lean. In fact, your whole body is wiry, but strong. At your 2 month pediatrician appt., she put you on your tummy to see how well you lift your head. You not only lifted your head, but also pushed your knees up under you and started rocking back and forth like you wanted to crawl! The Dr. said we’d have to keep an eye on you.

Peacefully asleep

* Your discoveries: Just in last two weeks you’ve discovered toys and the fact that they make noise when you hit them. It surprises you every time. You’ve also discovered your fists and spend hours every day sucking on them with loud slurpy noises. Last night, you even discovered that you could grab the handle of your pacifier with one fist and then swing it around your head like a lasso. There was the added challenge of bringing the pacifier BACK to your mouth after pulling it out, but you were trying and almost succeeding! Quite advanced for a baby your age!


* You LOVE your daddy so much. He comes home, and you immediately calm down. 90% of the time, all he needs to do is put you on his chest and you relax and fall asleep. And you love it when he sings to you– you even try to sing along! You don’t know the words, but you make humming noises that you reserve strictly for when he is singing certain songs.

Daddy singing to you

Napping with daddy

* You LOVE church. It’s the best nap-inducer out there. Something about the music just calms all your normal anxieties and you become more passive and easy to please than ever before.

Peaceful at church

* You love to help mommy out. When she is burping you, you pat her back. When she is nursing you, you like to help squeeze your food out with both hands– it simply could not come fast enough for your hungry belly.

* You love to play games. We tickle your feet, play peek a boo, blow raspberries on your tummy. You don’t always understand what it is we’re doing, but you are definitely watching intently, trying to figure it all out.

We love you so much, Gregory. We can’t wait to celebrate our first Christmas with you in just a week!

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