Tough Day

It was a bit of a tough day, for a variety of reasons. The first: G was running a bit of a fever due to his vaccinations yesterday. I, the over-paranoid first time mom, felt on edge the entire day. One always worries about vaccinations, especially when it comes to a newborn– heck, they just shot my precious baby full of diseases! I second guessed everything about everything— had I done enough research on what they were giving him? How much infant tylenol? Was he crying from pain? What kind of a sleeper should I put him in to make sure he isn’t too hot? Will he be okay if I put him to sleep in the other room?

And then I realized we were out of infant pacifiers (Claire has destroyed 8 pacifiers in the last 2 months). In desperation, I opened up a pack of our 6+ month ones, thinking, how much different can they be? I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t take it. Now that I look back on it, he was actually GAGGING– those things are enormous! So I had no pacifiers all day for a cranky-post-shots baby.

Exhibit A-- Infant Pacifier

6+ month pacifier. I think we can all see why he choked. Mom of the Year Award, right here.

Oh, and no swing. We were out of C Batteries a few days ago, and we’ve been too lazy (read: poor) to get more. I rocked the d*** thing manually, BY HAND, ALL DAY. When my hands went numb, I used my foot.

Essentially, I was a tragic mess by the time Jesse got home. Tears, irrational accusatory statements, you name it.

But I have the best husband in the world. He put on, “The Way You Look Tonight” and slow danced with me. I tried my best to act the part and wiped some of the baby spit up off my shoulder. Using his shirt πŸ˜‰

And we did go to Target to buy batteries and pacifiers. And PUMPKIN ICECREAM!!!


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