I’ve said before how “family friendly” UD is.

Today was my first Conrad class since Gregory was born. I got there 5 minutes late because I was rushed trying to nurse Gregory before I left.

When I walked in, my professor said, “There she is!” and everyone started clapping. I got pretty embarrassed, and asked, “why is everyone clapping?”. One of my classmates responded, “because of your huge accomplishment!”

And there, sitting by my chair, was a gift basket full of organic baby products and a $25 Whole Foods gift card. There was also a cute card signed by everyone in the class, with many offers to babysit.

I said jokingly that they should be more careful of the “mommy hormones”, lest they make me cry.

Then, at the break, my professor brought me one of her special protein shakes that she buys at the health foods store. “Are you getting enough to drink?” she asked.

I love UD 🙂


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