Gregory Lawrence

For those of you who don’t check Facebook or live overseas or under a rock, Gregory Lawrence was born October 17th at 2:22 am after 21 hours of non-medicated labor. He is exactly 8 lbs., 21 inches long!

The birth story will be forthcoming, but for now just rest assured that all 3 of us Cones are at home and doing great! Praise God!

Right after they checked his vitals and cleaned him up a bit

I know. I look exhausted! And kinda puffy from the 3 liters of fluids they gave me through the IV. That's what happens when you throw up lots!

Visitors who waited 5-6 hours to meet the newest Cone

I wonder if they're next!

What a great godmother, helping Jesse put a diaper on him!

Proud as can be Daddy!

Calling my mom at 5am! Luckily she kept her phone on by her bed.

Our little family, leaving the birth center


Clarabelle checking him out


4 thoughts on “Gregory Lawrence

  1. Wish i could have been there with the other 5-6hr waiters… Jesse and Kelly, you make one really, really cute baby! So glad to hear you are all doing well. …now to plan a trip to Dallas…. 😀

  2. oh my gosh, you forget how TINY newborns are!! especially their little newborn diapers. I’m glad you posted lots of pictures on your blog…and also that I thought to check your blog 😉 he is just soooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love all the pictures! Such a handsome little man! Can’t wait to hear the birth story, but hope you’re getting some good rest and enjoying time as a family! 🙂

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