The old days

Sorry, I really felt in the picture mood. Here are some good ole’ oldies I was looking through.


5 1/2 yrs ago, on my family's trip to the East Coast. Hard to believe that Joe's in college now and Janelle's in junior high!



Jesse and I painting our first apartment, weeks before the wedding!



Janelle and I line-dancing at Knotts for my 21st bday



Not the best picture of everyone, but a fond memory of what Sunday afternoons were like back in SoCal. Funny how this is somewhat how Sundays are now, minus Buddy, plus Topher and Jenny!



One thought on “The old days

  1. I love your blog Kelly! I love seeing the beautiful room that Gregory is going to have and it makes me a little bit weepy to know he’s so loved already. I can’t wait til I can kiss that little baby face and smell his hair and skin. It’s a funny thing how we do that with babies. Well, I’m so excited I could just burst, but wait that’s your job. Sorry, I guess that was a bad joke. Anyways, here is one grandma, ready for news and ready for action at the proper time.
    Hey, I wonder if he really will be a six pounder or so. I’ll be surprised if he’s actually that small, but it could be a good thing for you. God Bless YOU!!!!

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