20 Snapshots

Recently, my parents and little sister were able to schedule a 3 hour layover in Dallas on their way back from Charleston to see my brother, Keith. I know that not everyone is able to come and see us before the “big day”, so I thought I’d quickly walk around the house and take pictures of anything remotely interesting. Remember, you can always click on the pictures to make them bigger!


Jesse tested out our jogging stroller on Claire. Yes, her butt is right where the baby's face will be. I was already going to wash the fleece insert, never fear.



Another picture of the stroller, with 1/2 my garden and my piano in the office



My African Violets, and newly transplanted Cherry Tomatoes, along with some new chamomile seedlings (they sprouted after only 4 days!)



Some lil' winter shoes for Gregory πŸ™‚



Our packed and ready "To Go" things for the Birth Center, along with some thank you notes I have yet to address



You can probably guess what the other side says πŸ™‚ Eventually, this sign will go downstairs near our doorbell.



Finished for now!



No bumpers. Hopefully I'll find a "breathable" bumper on Craigslist before he gets old enough to get his limbs stuck in the slats. In any case, I'd rather a bump on the head than suffocation πŸ™‚



I finished off the bird houses with decorations from the baby shower.



By the rocking chair. The china will get moved during the "baby proofing" sweep Jesse and I are planning in January. The baby book is from Christine.



The changing table



There is a story behind the fact that I have two of these. One of them was broken when sent to me. Although I repaired it, I emailed them a picture of the damage, explaining that I did NOT just use $50 to buy and repair a clock. They sent me a new one, free of charge! The times are not yet correct, as the batteries are charging.



All his cute baby things, organized and labeled so that my mom can find stuff when she's helping



The famous sign above his closet door



Clothes up to 24 months in his closet



A little bit of cuteness. Yes, he has 3 bear snow suits πŸ™‚



The other side of the baby room, where Julie sleeps in the weekends



Scrabble labeling



His little pack n play on the infant setting so we can have him near us for the first few nights. The bouncer will eventually get moved.

Bath toys, kneeler and diaper pail with washable pul liner



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