The Best Day

At the close of yesterday, Columbus Day Oct. 11, 2010, I remarked to Jesse that it had been one of my favorite days ever.

Jesse and I started off the day by sleeping in until an ungodly and unusual hour. Unusual for Jesse, I should say, about par for the course for me. Hey, it’s hard to feel rested when you wake up every 1-2 hours!

Jesse had promised that he would take me out to breakfast, so he did. We went to Ihop– classy, I know, but we had a coupon (and I’m all about coupons lately…). Jesse and I try to eat out together at least once a week, seeing as it takes the stress of preparing and cleaning out of the picture and affords us an undistracted place to talk. But we haven’t been out to breakfast in…a really long time. I can’t remember the last time, actually. So, despite the fact that we were surrounded by retired couples, we had a great time.

Afterwards, we went to our favorite park around the corner from our apartments and walked around. That’s it– didn’t play frisbee golf with the others, didn’t throw a football (I tried two weeks ago at church…and I definitely pulled an ab muscle. Which is impressive, considering I have none). We just walked, hand in hand, following the path over a few bridges, under some trees, past the creek.

An online picture of the park, taken from our city's website

Again, hard to believe this is Texas, no?

We got home soon after, where I asked if Jesse would help me “de-clutter” the living room and kitchen. What a guy. He spent a good hour of his day off, cleaning the house with me. I can’t tell you how much this speaks to my heart.

After taking a leisurely shower and painting my toes (another crazy feat, considering the 38.5 weeks pregnant-factor), Jesse and I packed up a few books and went to our favorite coffee shop, Bon Giorno. That place should pay me for advertising, I’ve mentioned it so often on this blog. We spent a few hours, drinking iced coffee and reading.

I did have to leave Jesse for a few hours, first to give a one-hour piano lesson, then to attend my 3 hour evening Conrad class. In between the two, I dropped by home to grab my laptop and book bag. Jesse had made me dinner and a snack for class– again, what a guy 🙂

When I got home from class, I sat and finished the scary action movie Jesse was already watching. That part, I didn’t really enjoy. They say Eumenides used to put women into early labor– I say, it could be watching a girl get hit by a car out of nowhere. But right after the movie, Jesse began assembling all sorts of baby products for me, helping to quell my nesting urges. First, the baby swing, then, the baby bouncer, the jogging stroller…

I guess my point in outlining this day is that it really doesn’t take much to have a fantastic, memorable, one-of-a-kind day. Even being extraordinarily uncomfortable and 38.5 weeks pregnant, this was still one of my favorite days ever. It just goes to show, that for Jesse and I, it doesn’t take elaborate plans and vacations (which is good, because we have no money for those!) to have a blast. It doesn’t even take a restaurant fancier than Ihop, or a park with more attractions than a walking path. We just enjoy being around each other, talking about our childhood, what we’re reading, what our dreams for the future are.

This isn’t to say that fancy vacations and celebrations aren’t nice. Eventually, someday, Jesse and I would like to save up some money and go back to Brazil, or visit some of my favorite places in Europe. Heck, we’d even like to save up enough money to spend the weekend in New Braunfels, a beautiful, quaint German tourist town outside of San Antonio that everyone loves to visit.

But for this time in our lives? I feel like we don’t need the distraction. If we’re filled to the brim with joy by just spending a couple bucks on pancakes, why spend 100s on a B&B? Why fix something that isn’t broken?


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