Greenwashing- A True Story

Disclaimer/Preface: This post does not contain any “Green Jihad” ranting. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Long ago, when Paige alerted me to the cosmetic database website, she also warned me of just walking into the grocery store and buying “all natural” products off the shelf without researching them first.


Because for starters, they cost 2-3x as much, and there had better be a good reason for paying more.

Why else?

Because of a thing called “green-washing”. Companies that are taking advantage of people wanting to be “all natural”. They package and advertise it as natural, while in reality it is just as chemically harmful as your average drugstore brand!!

Don’t believe me? I just learned the hard way.

Since I’ve recently run out of conditioner, I decided to see if I couldn’t find an all natural one to replace my normal Pantene Pro V. In the past, I’ve bought it because it’s only $3, and, since I wash my hair every day, cheap is a factor, seeing as I go through a bottle every month.

Before buying more conditioner, I revisted some old “EO” organics conditioner I had leftover from a while ago. I bought it at Whole Foods because it smells like Rosemary.

I quickly remembered why I stopped using it. Although it smelled nice, de-tangling my hair took FOREVER. Then, once it was dry, my hair was so frizzy…

So, on my last trip to Walmart, I decided to buy some Burts Bees Pomegranate/Soy Conditioner. It claims to be 97.7% all natural.

But, since it costs over twice as much as my normal conditioner ($8/bottle), I decided to look it up on the cosmetic database before opening it.

Wouldn’t you know? It got the same chemical safety rating as Pantene Pro V. Why? Because of the pomegranate scent additive– apparently, that chemical ALONE rates at an 8/10 for neurotoxicity!

My point? Why would I pay twice as much for something just as harmful?

I then remembered every hair care brand I saw at our local Central Market, a place known for it’s organic foods and cosmetic products.

Avalon Organics? Rated the same as Pantene Pro-V.

Alba Organics? One point lower one some things, same as Pantene on others.

Jason’s Organics? Same rating.

99 cent SUAVE hair care for men had less harmful chemicals in it than these special “organic” products people are paying $9-15 for!!!

My advice? Don’t buy anything without researching it first! Most “organic” stuff is a complete waste of money!

As for me, until I find something that I can buy cheap and locally, I’m totally going to continue buying $3 conditioner.


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