Skip Hop

Tomorrow is my third and final baby shower. I mentioned last week about another 4th shower, but that got cancelled. It was going to be awkward anyways…Jesse’s work wanted to throw a party for him and a pregnant woman in the office, and they wanted me to be there. I don’t know anyone in his new building, so I was dreading how potentially weird it was going to be. Besides, the reason it got cancelled is because the company is anticipating taking on another huge acquisition, which means that Jesse’s entire dept. is going to get bumped up from “30’s” (accounts that are 30 days late) to Loss Mitigation. Hence, everyone in his dept. was required to participate in a Loss Mit. Bootcamp in order to prepare. The training room they used? The very room they were going to hold the party in. Problem solved– no awkwardness, potential promotion and payraise instead. I’ll take it!

Back to tomorrow: although I’ve already had two wonderful showers, one in CA, one here in TX, my piano families insisted on throwing me another one. Two of the moms were caterers/party planners before having kids, so they are holding a luncheon and serving French cuisine. It should be quite yummy.

Anyways, two of the cutest things on my Target registry arrived today in the mail from one of the ladies who can’t be at the shower (btw, Skip Hop is pretty much the cutest company ever!).

A whale spout cover, and a bunny ears comb/brush grooming set!

Everyone has already been so generous to Baby Gregory, that a few piano moms have complained that I don’t have enough things on my registry. One mom who also can’t be at the shower tomorrow gave me a $50 giftcard instead, saying, “It was a real temptation for me to buy baby clothes, especially since all I have are girls, but I decided to go the practical route for your sake”. I thought that very selfless and thoughtful of her!

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