Dallas Baby Shower

This afternoon, Courtney and Katie held a St. Seraphim Ladies Shower for me. Just like the CA shower Tess and Julie threw, I became overwhelmed by the love and generosity shown to me by everyone. Even though these people have been a part of my life for the last 3 years, it still amazes me how generous everyone was. Not only did Courtney collect enough money for both the expensive carseat and stroller I had picked out, but there was about $100 leftover! Plus we received countless other gifts…truly overwhelmed. It’s almost as if God knew that Jesse and I don’t have any money to spare these next couple months since I’m not working. It’s also almost as if God knew that gifts are my “love language”…

For the quick version of the carseat/stroller story…I had originally picked one out an infant carseat/stroller combo travel system at Sears. The kind folks at my CA baby shower pitched in enough for me to buy it. After talking to a few other moms, reading some reviews, etc, I realized that while a “click in, click out” infant carseat works well at first, it only lasts for a few months before they’ve outgrown it. I decided to use the Sears $ I had received for baby room essentials, and trust in God’s timing and provision for the carseat and stroller. Turns out, it’s a providential thing that I waited! The Combi Corocco carseat in this next picture works from infancy– 3 years old, plus, it fits well in compact cars such as our Corolla! The stroller is a nifty jogger, with a swivel front wheel. Not as nice as a “BOB” stroller, but 1/2 the price. And it even has an MP3 player dock, with speakers near the baby’s head.

Oh, and a few weeks ago, one of the moms gave me a hand me down “click in click out” infant carseat she used for her 2 kids. If I can research it and discover that there haven’t been any recalls, I can use it too! I’m very glad I didn’t buy one back in July.

Stroller and carseat, plus other gifts and cute onesies!

Blocks from his room, along with the Gap Bearsuit that Julie bought him

Katie's awesome sign that we got to keep!

Yummy foods! More came later, but I forgot to take photos later

The chocolate cake that Courtney made!

The owl wishing tree

Frothy punch and lemon/lime water


One of two "diaper cakes". This one was made by Maureen, with all sorts of goodies stuck in around it. The second was made by Courtney using all organic diapers 🙂 She knows me...

Flowers in vases

Cute outfits and onesies

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