35 Weeks

Just one more week, and not even the midwife will try and stop me from going into labor!!

By the way, I just realized that nothing I was wearing today was actually maternity clothing. Ladies, there is hope, it doesn’t always have to be ugly belly panels and tent shirts!

Not exactly working...

Much better.

One thought on “35 Weeks

  1. Dearest Kelly,
    I love your choice of baby books. It looks user friendly and unique. User friendly is sooo important since important moments happen with a baby so quickly and then everyone’s off to something else. With the older baby books I always felt like” what catergory does this belong in, or maybe there isn’t one.”
    With pediatricians I would go with reputation, if you can find out and does he speak our language. I always loved Dr. Patterson because he listened to me and took seriously what I said. One time I knew David had a sinus infection and had been wrongly diagnosed by someone else in the office. I went back to him, he listened, ordered an x-ray and told me that I had been right on with my observations. Who knows that boy may still be screaming from a headache if Patterson had not taken me seriously. Unfortunately, you can only find out this info my word of mouth or by trial and error. Also, the doctor needs to be able to speak kid language. This really helps when they get a bit older, but of course the most important thing is competency.
    On another note I really wish I could see you and have a good, long conversation.
    I’m wondering about Greggory’s baby library. How many books does he have that he can chew on? Inquiring Grandma wants to know. If I could know there titles too, then I wouldn’t duplicate any of them.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you.

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