3 Random Thoughts

I hate to follow such a sad post with normal stuff, but it’s kinda the way life has to go. I’m already pensive and morose enough as it is.

I have 3 thoughts for today:

1. My dad is convinced I’ve become domesticated. It sounds like we’re talking about some wild animal, when it’s said like that, but whatever. It’s true. I have proof.

These are the top 3 things on my wish list right now.

I've gotten really into coupons the past 2 months....just ask Jesse. I carry my tattered little paper envelope everywhere with me.

I've been wanting a bread bin for some time now, seeing as all the bread on our counter gets cluttered, and there's no room in the pantry. Unfortunately for me, the one I want is $60 😦

I would love to sew more things than just Gregory's bedding set. Unfortunately, it took a very long time sewing all that by hand and I've lost the stomach for that fight. Every machine I tried to borrow from someone was in need of repair and produced ugly stitches that I had to rip out. I'd love my own machine...I used to sew a lot of things, back in my "homeschool days"

2. I bought 2 more diapers for $11 total on Ebay (retail $26-30). I was searching for an easy solution to the days when we are at church or I take Gregory with me to the store or piano lessons and I need to change his diapers. Without a diaper sprayer, it’s not super convenient to bring the cloth diapers. Instead of resorting to keeping plastic disposables on hand for these moments (I accidentally watched a video of how those things NEVER DECAY. EVER.), I’m going to keep these two on hand. They go with flushable/disposable biodegradable inserts. In case you’re looking into G Diapers (they’re kinda trendy right now, which is why Babys R Us and Target carry them), I’ve heard good things about the disposable inserts, but heard from many sources that the cloth ones leak. Some people use different cloth inserts by other brands and they work well, I’ve heard.

3. I’ve recently taken up swimming as my 3rd Trimester exercise. Not only is floating in the pool absolutely wonderful, but I can actually work hard at something without my joints punishing me for hours afterwards! Jesse got off work at 1pm yesterday, and we went to swim laps in the second, almost always deserted lap pool together. Of course, he always gave me a head start…and then still won. This didn’t make me mad. I’m never competitive.

Additional benefits– swimming the breast stroke actually relieves and treats a lot of the back and alignment problems that happen around this time! As Jesse said, “Why didn’t you discover this sooner?” I know. It feels like another cruel joke that I’m re-discovering swimming at the END of summer. It does bring back a lot of NCA Swim Team memories…I even started telling Jesse about a few of my favorite swim meets, including the one where I got disqualified… 🙂

A picture of our lap pool. No pretty fountains or landscaping like the front one, but way more practical. Plus, it's literally about 30 steps from our front door!


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