One of the perks of Julie’s nanny job, is that she works for rich people. In fact, I just found out that they used to live in Helen Keller’s summer house in East Dallas, and even own an armoire that used to be part of her family’s decor.

This also means that they ask her to make dinners. Dinners with meat we can’t usually afford on a regular basis.

Yesterday, Julie texted me and told me to come pick up some of the leftovers they had from dinner. She had it all packaged up for me.

Free dinner? Score.

Okay, we did pay for that can of carrots I opened and dumped brown sugar on. And the Diet Coke I split between Jesse and I. But the ribs? Steak? Beans? Honey butter with banana bread? FREEE!!!

Ribs have a special place in my heart because my dad and I used to go out to lunch and eat them together. Since I was the only girl for the longest time (until I was 12) AND the first born, we went out to eat, just the two of us, quite frequently. We always had a “special place” that we frequented for a few years, and for a while it was a place called “Smokey’s Grill”, across from the Paso Robles park. I always ordered the kids plate of ribs– my dad always got things like the ostrich burger. Of course, now our tastes have become more sophisticated. Our new “place” we frequent when I am home for holidays is Bueno Tavola in downtown SLO, across the street from his office.

But ribs are still special 🙂


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