Last night, I went to bed not only with a sinus headache (I’m pretty much just allergic to September and October), but also aching wrists. By the time I woke up this morning, all of my finger joints were stiff– I couldn’t even move my index finger! This feeling wore off by the middle of the day, but when I laid down for a nap, it happened again.

After “googling”, I think I’ve self-diagnosed myself with carpel tunnel syndrome, which is somewhat common in the 3rd Trimester. I don’t have noticeable swelling anywhere (I naturally have short, stubby fingers!), so I doubt it’s preeclampsia-related at all. Plus, my blood pressure has been regular and good this entire pregnancy…

But I’ll probably call the midwife later, just to ease my paranoia.

Also, I still have 4 more weeks of piano lessons before I take my 3 month maternity break! I really hope this doesn’t make everything so sore I can’t demonstrate even simple things for my students.

33 weeks yesterday…can’t wait until this is over…

One thought on “Ow…!

  1. Carpel Tunnel! Welcome to the fun πŸ™‚ Mine was so bad that my hands tingled and were numb half the time (and if it makes you feel better, it was totally unrelated to the preeclampsia, and had a lot more to do with having little hands and wrists).

    When told my doctor about it, he said “Oh yeah, well, do you have anything else to complain about? Because it’s only going to get worse until you deliver the baby.” Uh, thanks doc. Really reassuring! I kind of just wanted him to pat my hand and say “there, there little bunny” but he wasn’t really that kind of doctor.

    Go get those wrist braces for carpel tunnel (they have them at most drug stores), get one for each hand, and sleep with them on. It might take a couple of nights to get used to, but it will put your wrists in a neutral position and keep the carpel tunnel from getting worse. A lot of times carpel tunnel can make your hands curl in your sleep, and that’s why your wrists and hands are so aggravated in the morning. The wrist braces relieve a lot of the pressure on the tendons and will make the next 6-8 weeks more bearable!

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