New Phones and Numbers!

We now are with Sprint and have brand new phone numbers! We could’ve transferred our old numbers over, like we did when we switched to T-Mobile, but I’m kind of tired of people screening my calls because they think I’m a telemarketer. So, if you don’t have my new number, and you would like it, just send me an email!

Can I give a shout out to my wonderful husband, who arranged the whole thing himself? Sure, I researched all the companies and found the best deal (by a LONG shot, surprisingly?!), but while I was napping this afternoon, he went to the Sprint Store and took care of all of it by himself. He’s even synching our phones now!

To show you HOW MUCH of a better deal we are now getting, let me spell out the numbers. Before, we were paying around $120/mo. for 700 shared minutes, 400 texts, and internet access/GPS for my phone only. Now, for $100 month, we get 1500 shared minutes, free minutes to ANY mobile phone,  unlimited texts, and unlimited web access for BOTH phones!!

It truly feels like a Christmas Miracle around here. Plus, my new Blackberry is PURPLE. I think you all know how happy that makes me.


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