Anniversary Date

Since we went to Brazil for our honeymoon, Jesse found a Brazilian “Churrascuria” for us to eat dinner at. It’s a nice change to be able to actually celebrate our anniversary– our first one, we were driving through the Texas desert to move to Dallas, our second one, I was in the ER, and our third one we were sitting in the car repair shop, hating our death-trap Passat.

Before eating, we worked up an appetite by walking around in old town Irving. It was a beautiful evening, about 75 degrees with a light breeze.

Cute shops lining Main Street. Reminded me of Downtown Paso Robles or Fullerton

Historical log cabin and windmill

This park totally reminds me of Templeton Park, back in the day...

The old boxcar. Again, Templeton Park, anyone?

The old train station

Pretty church steeple under a gorgeous Texas sky

Centennial Park

Lots of people walking on the trails, enjoying the gorgeous evening

The fountain in the square

Obligatory candid photo

Our Brazilian grill, owned by two Brazilians. Our waitress was from Paraguay.

Appetizer plate from the buffet

The Fried Food plate they brought out...the pockets are fried mozzarella, then fried polenta (my fav!), then fried bananas (my other fav!) and french fries

What's left of our yummy basket of cheese bread!

Bring on the meat! Jesse called it "God's Buffet". We had bacon wrapped filets, parmesan pork, at least 3 different types of sirloin, sausage and chicken

For dessert-- grilled pineapple with cinnamon!! Bestest!!

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