4 Year Anniversary

4 years ago today, I made the best decision of my life and married my best friend, Jesse.

Surprisingly, I don’t have a lot of words to describe what this means to me, and what we mean to each other. I only have small descriptions and snapshots to show that life has never been better, and that every day we only grow more and more in love with one another.

For example:

I can’t remember the last night we went to bed angry with one another.

Jesse can still make me laugh like no one else. Last week, he “tried” to do my Kegels exercises with me. I explained this was impossible. He said, “You never know until you try!”

On our way to church the other day, Jesse made me laugh about something silly (I can never remember), and he paused and said, “If I can make you laugh like that every year of our marriage, I’ll consider myself a success”.

We still fall asleep most nights holding hands. And he still wakes me up every morning to give me a hug before he leaves for work.

We hardly go out in the evenings. Mostly because if we’re together, we’re already content.

He’s already proven what a great father he is going to be. He texts me during the day to make sure I’m feeling okay. He makes sure I get my nightly massage to alleviate unecessary pregnancy discomfort. He’s been to nearly every appointment. If I ask him nicely, he makes a concerted effort to shop talk “baby gear/stuff” for as long as he is able (and still retain his manliness).

I’ve only spent a total of 2.5 weeks away from him this entire 4 years, and even those were difficult.

He got off 9 hours of work last night, made dinner, got me dessert, fixed my broken picture frames with carpenter’s glue, and even helped with all the dishes. Seriously, what a guy.


One thought on “4 Year Anniversary

  1. Sounds like a great relationship. I’m very proud of you both, and I have to agree with you Kelly, he’s a pretty great guy!

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