Birth Class #2

I have to say, the best part about these birth classes are the 1/2 hour back massage I get from Jesse. The doula/birth coach has the men practice all the different stretches/massages from the previous class, adding 6-8 every class. The nicest one was “child’s pose”, where Jesse rolled a frozen waterbottle along my spine. It is supposed to be very helpful for back labor…dreading the possibility of THAT!

We also watched 2 short birth videos, one a natural birth in a hospital with a doula and Dr., one with a water birth at home. The fact that both of the women were actually using the different positions and massages that we’ve been learning during their labor was good for me to see. Granted, neither woman looked comfortable, but neither was anything NEAR as dramatic as what I’ve pictured. The movies have trained us to think that labor has to be this screaming ordeal. The only kind of talking and “yelling” that should be allowed are low noises– the rest just tense everything up and make it much more painful, apparently.

I cried lots during this class, once during the birth video when the mom held the baby for the first time, and once when our instructor was reading a cheesy birth poem while we were practicing our focused breathing/relaxing/massages. I hated myself for crying on that last one– the CHEESIEST, most poorly written poem I’ve heard in a long time, but the sentiment behind it was super sweet. Even Jesse appreciated it, although he too couldn’t stand the fact that someone tried to call it a poem.

Next week we are supposed to cover the first few days after birth, plus a little about breastfeeding. Hmmm…..I’m scared to think about how one actually LEARNS these sorts of things without a baby there to practice with…

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