We are…

…on a budget. A tight one, at that. We’re trying to save all the money we can so that I can take work off for 3 months. That’s a huge downside to being self-employed– you don’t get paid time off. Which is what keeps me from taking it whenever I feel like it 🙂

To prove that we are, let me tell you this– last night, I cut Jesse’s hair. No, not shaved it, that’s easy, I’ve done that many a time. Actually trimmed it. Went out to Sally’s Beauty Supply, bought the cheapest pair of trimming scissors I could find, and cut it. It took a really long time, because Jesse’s hair, especially the back, is really thick and curly, and hard to get even and straight. But I finished it. He won’t let me put a picture of him here, but even Julie said that it was even and great for a first time!

This is very exciting to me, because one of my favorite people and role models in the whole world, Susan Claassen (if you were in my wedding, you remember her because she made us breakfast burritos that morning) used to cut all of the boys’ hair. My Aunt Bridget was always the same way. I think it saves a ton of money, and it’s kind of bonding! I always wanted to be the kind of mom who could take care of that tedious but necessary chore, and I figured it was time to learn since I’m about to have another little man in my life 🙂



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