We had our 30.5 week sonogram today, and, I have to say, it was amazing. Amazing to see his little arms punching and to recognize the movement from what I’ve been feeling. Amazing to see his little toes and (apparently) BIG feet! Amazing to already see that he has a “Honeycutt” nose and a dimply chin. I pretty much didn’t stop crying once she started taking pictures of his face. It hit me all at once– I cannot WAIT to meet this kid!

If I were to try and describe the feeling, it would be like this. You know how there are times in your life where you only WISH you had the words to describe the Love you feel for someone? But to try would somehow be wrong, like the words fall short and cheapen it? The futility of trying to adequately describe something as awesome as Love becomes apparent, at least to me.

But somehow, this baby already seems like the perfect description, without words, without even trying. Somehow, he seems to be the closest and most accurate physical representation of such a powerful thing, this side of heaven at least.  While the most poetic words in the world would fall short, he accomplishes it just by sucking his thumb.

That’s the best I can do. For now. No more tears before bed time.

After the sonogram, we went to dinner and a movie with the Folsoms, seeing as the imaging place was right around the corner from their house, and we are hardly ever in far North Dallas. The burgers were yummy, but I’m sure all I talked about was BabyBabyBaby. Poor Jenny 🙂

And then we went to see Inception– finally. I have to say, even though the movie was engrossing, stressful and provoking, the moment we were back in the car my thoughts were again on the ultrasound. Trying to recall every detail.

Pictures will be up soon, but the office’s cd burner was malfunctioning, so Jenny is going to pick up the cd of images later on this week.

Counting down the few weeks left!…


One thought on “Sonogram

  1. SO HAPPY for y’all!! This post was beautiful, Kelly. Thanks for sharing your joy with us. Maybe I’ll be able to get up there before little Gregory makes his appearance (I’ll definitely be up there as soon after the event as I can and that doesn’t overwhelm you with all the family/friends i’m sure you’re going to get :-)).

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