Nightmares Twist

One of the things they mentioned in our birth class today is that the 3rd Trimester is a time when women experience nightmares/weird dreams, as a way of processing fears that they have about motherhood.

Last week, as you know, my dreams involved dead or dying children.

This week, apparently, they involve Jesse being a bad husband. I had one last night where Jesse and I were in a horrible fight. I woke up crying and upset. The icky feeling of us being mad at each other was too much to bear. More than anything, I really really wanted to wake Jesse up and apologize for our bad fight and make things better again. Luckily, I fought this urge, otherwise we might have actually HAD a real fight!

Today, I took a nap around lunchtime. In this hour, I dreamt that Jesse skipped our birth class to go to garage sales. Because that’s soooo like him.

When Jesse woke me up to leave for our class, I said, “I keep having nightmares about you being a complete jerk. You are WAY better in person.”

He replied, “What can I say? Apparently, I’m not the man of your dreams!”

One thought on “Nightmares Twist

  1. *chuckle* I get dreams like that sometimes where Justin is just a total jerk adn we argue all night. then i wake up and have to explain that i know he wasnt really mean to me….but that i still need a little space cause he was mean in my dreams….

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