Jesse and I have become quite the chefs lately. Mostly, Jesse has, but I have had my moments, and I always help 🙂

Sunday night, Jesse did his bi-weekly tortilla making, along with putting together a batch of the YUMMIEST salsa I’ve had in a long time…spicy, but with a purpose, I said. Aromatic, not in a stench/overpowering way, but in an “I want to be enveloped in this” way. It was so good, that I suffered through my nightly bout of heart burn (yay for the 3rd trimester…) and ate a ton of it. Jesse even used my own hand-grown cilantro!

Monday night, we teamed up. I stir-fried tofu and veggies, while he made some Red Peanut Curry. We served both over some brown rice. Yummy, and very healthy. If it weren’t for the icecream sandwich I ate later, I TOTALLY would’ve recorded that day in my food journal!

Last night, I tried a basil/garlic/pine-nut/silken tofu pesto sauce over wheat pasta.  I love it when I use my thai basil for things like this– gardening for the purpose of cooking is actually a fairly novel concept for me, seeing as I never really had plants growing up. Well, we had plants. But they were mostly dead 🙂 In the end, I think I added a little too much garlic for my taste– Jesse and I were brushing and flossing all night long. Once dinner was over, we teamed up to make whole wheat chocolate chip cookies!

I think my favorite part about cooking together in the evenings, however, is actually the clean-up. I made it clear to Jesse that while I don’t mind his “cooking adventures”, I do mind getting stuck with all the dishes. So we’ve made it a habit to clean every dish, pan and pot together as part of our bed-time ritual. I love waking up to a clean kitchen, and it encourages us to cook again the following night. Who wants to start cooking dinner by cleaning up last night’s dinner? Starts the project off on a sour note, if you ask me. Plus, we get to chat and finish up any last minute conversations/logistics before ending the day.

All in all, it’s been great having Jesse home in the evenings once again so that we can establish such a relaxing evening routine. Get home, make dinner together, watch a movie, workout, clean up the kitchen, go to bed. Sounds boring, but I think I’m really starting to love it!

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