Scary Dreamland…

I don’t know if this is a 3rd Trimester thing, but I’ve been having the WEIRDEST dreams lately. All of them, sad. I even woke Jesse up a few nights ago because I was whimpering in my sleep. Thankfully, he proceeded to wake me up and ask if there was anything wrong? Was I in pain? No to both, but I was glad to be taken out of my nightmare, long enough to take a moment to pray for restful sleep (something my mom always did with me when I had nightmares as a kid).

3 Nights ago: Dead demonic ghost children, beating up living children in my house. I grabbed one of them by the throat and started shaking him. He looked at me all creepy and said, “You have no idea how powerful we are.”


The dream might have kept going, but this was when Jesse woke me up.

2 Nights ago: A Russian guy told me I couldn’t really be Orthodox, because I was American, and then we proceeded to chop the heads off of Zombie children all night long.

Last Night: I found a puppy/kitten mill, where the weird dictator man was giving adorable puppies, bunnies and kittens away to irresponsible children, who were then maiming and killing them. My job the whole dream? To run around saving and hiding them.

So, you can see why I’d prefer to be awake than asleep. I don’t have these weird dreams during the day when I nap, so I’ve actually taking to sleeping less at night and compensating with longer naps!

Today, I actually asked Jesse if there was something “broken” about me. Did anyone else have weird pregnancy dreams? Please, say yes???

Btw, Jesse hasn’t helped things, what with his choice of movies lately, all of which have involved dead or hurt children. To name a few: The Lovely Bones and Shutter Island. This is also why I can’t bear to watch Tim Burton films– who knows how weird things would get in my head!

4 thoughts on “Scary Dreamland…

  1. ok so obviously not from personal experience…but, two of my other friends who are also due in October have been saying the exact same thing. dreams about dead babies, miscarriages, zombie doctors, being sliced up to have the kid removed, random dead kids everywhere…so, at least you aren’t alone? I hope you are able to get some real rest. =(

  2. also, if you google “pregnancy nightmares” tons of stuff comes up saying it is normal and just something that happens when you mix crazy hormone levels and real stresses and fears.

    We all had wedding nightmares (I still can’t get the one of being sunburned at my wedding out of my head…). I imagine this is a similar phenomenon just a lot worse due to the hormones and new levels of stress.

  3. I don’t know about third trimester, since I’m only 8 wks along, but I have been dreaming like no other. So far they are just disturbing, not creepy, but I am always glad when I wake up. And they are more real than dreams used to be before Puddin’ Pop was growing in me.

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