20 Things I Miss, Now That I’m Pregnant

1. Not caring about how much sugar is in everything we eat

2. Being able to sit still on a couch and not have my belly be dancing sideways from Gregory’s gymnastic routines.

3. Knock down, drag out gym workouts that leave all your muscles feeling sooo tired, but amazing later.

4. Being able to sneeze without peeing my pants.

5. Sleeping the whole night without having to get up and pee.

6. Waking up without back pain and a numb left leg.

7. Beer.

8. Having control over my emotions. I cried during the Bachelorette Finale. I know.

9. Needing less than 12 hours of sleep a day.

10. Air conditioning bills less than $150/mo.

11. Being able to turn over in my sleep without doing a push-up to bypass my belly.

12. Hearing “you’re so thin!” instead of “you look so…healthy!”

13. Thinking of the beach because of the sun, not whales.

14. Pilates.

15. Coffee.

16. Dreams without dead or injured children in them.

17. Clothes without elastic.

18. Having a wardrobe larger than Jesse’s.

19. Being able to think past October 24.

20. My ability to multi-task without panicking or crying.


3 thoughts on “20 Things I Miss, Now That I’m Pregnant

  1. Actually, I cared about calories and sodium…now I care more about sugar than either of those things! It’s incredible to see how many grams of sugar is in supposedly “healthy” things!! I can see why my midwife only wants me eating Kashi, seeing as it has 5g of sugar/serving, compared with 20-30 in normal cereal (prob 40-50 if it’s Fruit Loops or something!).

  2. By the way, the first thing one of my new piano moms said to me when I walked in the door today?? “You look so healthy!”. I died a little bit inside. It’s a nice way of saying you’re fat, but not bloated.

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