Hot Pink Underwear

I know I’ve posted a lot today, but I finally have some free time!

A better picture of the right side of the baby room

Julie and Joe brought with them my new Morgeau Lepine crib! You can also see my hand-sewn quilt and crib skirt

Can you already see all the Dodger gear accumulating?

A sampling of the 12 Tiny Tush one-size fits all diapers I bought on Craigslist. The froggy one on the right is a diaper cover-- my favorite!

I should also add that one of the diapers that came in the set is hot pink. We are going to sell it on Ebay. Jesse doesn't want to confuse Gregory, having his "manliest" parts covered in hot pink 🙂

A wonderful older lady at our church gave me this beautiful blanket that she crocheted for Gregory...I didn't even know her!


One thought on “Hot Pink Underwear

  1. Your baby room is sooo cute! Can I live there? Gregory won’t be showing up for several more weeks.

    I just finished one of my ritual mass blog readings, ’cause I missed you. Why don’t I do this more often? It’s so fun and it doesn’t feel like you’re that far away.

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