$5 Divine Intervention

I decided to just go to ONE garage sale this weekend, and only because it was right down the road, across the street from Michael and Courtney’s apartment. Just ONE. People, this is huge.

I’m soo glad I did. It turned out to be the best one I’ve ever been to (which is saying something, if you know how many I’ve been to!), and not just because I got a giant bag of expensive, barely used baby clothes for only $5, but also because this woman, “April”, had also given birth with my midwife! She was able to share her story (only 2 hours in labor!) and give me lots of advice and encouragement, even offering to talk to me in the future if I ever had more questions. It was really quite providential.

And it’s hard to believe that everything you’re about to see was only $5. Not per outfit, but for the whole bag!!! That works out to each item for less than 25 cents! Since everything here is name brand, I’m guessing that I would have paid over $200 in the store for all these things. The unbelievable part is that most people actually do pay that much! Me, well, I have a car payment instead.

A summer outfit from Janie and Jack. This would EASILY cost $40 in the store. You can't see, but even the little buttons are fish 🙂

"Little man" outfits from Polo Ralph Lauren and Gymboree

Classic Pooh outfits

Newborn sleep sacks

I guess I like blue things... 🙂

I also like green things. The bottom item is a Kiddopotomus swaddling blanket

Getting to buy cute baby clothes almost makes all of the pregnancy discomfort worth it!

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