Home again!

I have officially been home for around 36 hours, and it feels good. Sure, I miss my family a ton already, but the last few days of my stay revolved around my cousin Ellen’s wedding, and there were at least 14 people staying in my parents’ house (with only 2 showers!!). I only had 3 lessons to give this morning, so the peace and quiet of a day to myself with Claire on my lap are very refreshing, and much needed.

I also think Jesse needed me to come home pretty badly. He missed me so much, he had picked out in advance which Alison Krauss song he wanted playing in the car when we left the airport. I came home to find that all my plants were dead, the milk had gone bad and we had no groceries. I think Jesse didn’t even want to stay home at all without me here! I also wonder if part of the reason I was so ready to be home was because there were now TWO of us missing Jesse!!

And Claire…well, let’s just say she’s gotten a bit spoiled this last year, having me home all day with her. I can tell that she’s already become a bit less social this morning, when my piano students were over. Instead of wanting to play with them constantly, she was running away, looking for the peace and solitude of her crate. She’d gotten used to a life of waiting until 5pm every day to be played with!

So I am home, and it is good. Yesterday, Jesse and I went on a date to Rosa’s Tortilla Factory, one of the best Mexican restaurants around when you take into account price/ambiance/food. Apparently, Tuesday is Taco night and you can get a 3 taco platter for $3.69!

We then went on a special errand– to pick up a Morigeau Lepine changing table. It’s crazy! I found the crib in San Luis Obispo, CA, and the matching changing table for only $60 here in TX, 2 miles from Jesse’s office!

And, I have to say, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture. I can slide the top drawer out, using only one finger because the track is so smooth. It will easily fit all of Gregory’s diapers. I also like that there are doors covering the shelves, because now I can actually STORE stuff there when he becomes mobile!

There's even a towel bar along one side! That's not a white scratch on top-- just a piece of tape I forgot to throw away 🙂

However, Jesse’s has now banned me from buying any more furniture. “This is IT”, he said. “We’ve bought 2 cribs, 2 dressers, a rocking chair, and a changing table. No more.” I guess it does sound like a lot, when you put it like that…


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