Beginnings of a baby blanket

I’ve begun work on the crib bedding set. I did say that this was a perfect 3rd trimester project…but hey, that’s only a few weeks away!  So I’m getting a head start.

Last night, we went to the Gaspards for the youth movie night that Jesse was leading. Katie offered to help me sew, and I couldn’t turn down an extra pair of hands! Here are the beginnings of the baby blanket that will hang over the side of the crib. I decided against making crib bumpers, because of this and this article.

Oh, yes, and why owls, instead of elephants? Well….lest you think I’m being fickle….I’m actually being FRUGAL. That elephant fabric was $20/yard. The crib skirt needed 4 yards. Do the math, it’s not cheap! Instead, I decided just to buy gray fabric for $4/yard at Joanns and do my own designs. When I went to cut out elephants…it’s tricky. Owls were way simpler. Really, it came down to practicality!

The fabric is wrinkled because I just pulled it out of the dryer

Katie’s 4 year old son, James, was adorable while we were making these. Apparently, he’s totally obsessed with owls right now– spends time Googling (yes, it’s a verb) pictures of them. He said to me, with a sigh, “One day, I hope that I’m old enough to know how to make owls! That would be awesome.”


One thought on “Beginnings of a baby blanket

  1. Kelly, I’m so glad you went with the owls! Are you set on your color scheme being gray, brown, beige, and blue? What, if any, other color would you consider putting with those colors?

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