Weekly Good Deals

Some of you may not care about garage sales, or the good deals that can be had by them.


I may have made a convert. Although, I think she is scared of my “intensity” at the moment.

This week, Courtney decided to go deal hunting with me around the suburbs. It wasn’t until our last garage sale on Friday morning that she found a few items. She even caught herself saying, “Wow, EXACTLY what I’ve been wanting!” — a line that she and Jesse have used to make fun of what I say when I bring things home. She also went with me early this Sat. morning at 7am (I bribed her with promises of Starbucks!).

I have to say, garage sales are way more fun when you’re with someone else!

Here are some of my good deals:

Like new vibrating baby bouncer, for only $5! I had registered for one that was $35...this is quite a steal in comparison. And the seller even put in new C batteries!

$10 for a brand new Boppy Nursing Pillow. With the cover, this was $55 on my registry!

Newborn clothes. I don't want to spend much $ on these, seeing as Gregory will probably grow out of them within the first few weeks. That goes for all babies, by the way, not just ones with giant Cone genes.

Summer 2011 clothes. Notice how "manly" all the colors get when they're older! Also, notice the brand new tags on the "Little Builder" one.

More 9-12 months clothes. Jesse's favorite is the baseball one in the upper left, with #12 on the back and baseball shaped buttons. I like the Baby Gap overalls on the middle left

In addition to all these baby things, I even ran across 5 or 6 post-maternity items from Ann Taylor Loft and Gap. They were only 25 cents each, so I decided to buy a few and have something to look forward to in a couple months!


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