Katy Hudson

Just found out something spectacular and utterly gross-tastic.

Guess who was a Christian music artist for years before she changed her name and started singing about kissing girls and California girls who have sex in jeeps?

Then: Katy Hudson

Now: Katy Perry

Yup. Katy abandoned songs about her Faith in Christ, changed her name and dyed her hair, all in an effort to hit a wider music audience and make more money.

Makes you think twice about some of those Christian artists we listened to as kids, doesn’t it?

Update: Michael just told me that Jennifer Knapp, the long-time Christian singer who just announced she is gay, is the one who produced “Katy Hudson”‘s records. Given the title of Katy’s first secular single, “I Kissed A Girl”, this is even more gross-tastic than I thought!

2 thoughts on “Katy Hudson

  1. Wow, that IS a surprise! I was also surprised when Jennifer Knapp came out as a lesbian earlier this year, along with her secular album. I sort of wonder if the “christian” music scene of 10 years ago was sort of a failed experiment? It seems like a lot of Christian music these days tends to be more in the praise and worship genre, and a lot of the other types of Christian bands have broken up or gone secular.

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