Sleepy Topher

Whenever the Unruhs come to hang out in the evening, they put Topher to sleep in his pack n’ play in the spare bedroom (soon to be Gregory’s room!). When they are getting ready to leave, usually as early into the morning as humanly possible while still waking for church, they have to get Topher up. He is one of the cutest sleepy-heads! I just had to take a picture of this happy, bleary-eyed, mohawked phenomenon!


3 thoughts on “Sleepy Topher

  1. for the record, *as soon* as we stepped out of the apartment, he started meowing and did it all the way home, as if to say ‘hey, i KNOW my animal sounds. i just don’t have to perform!’ 🙂

  2. so he finally learned his kitty sounds…that’s good. though, i have to wonder about what you’re teaching him about the saints and Jesus if ALL of them are associated with lions.

    And thank you, Kelly, for the pictures and video. It’s so good to see how the nephew is doing – even if his parents don’t keep us up to date. 😉

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