Good Buys For Baby

I’ve been finding great second-hand stuff, not only in the clothes department, but also in the furniture/necessities area of things.

First of all, Jesse and I have decided that, at the very least, we are going to give cloth diapers a try. We estimated, based on what others have told us, that we would be spending $60-75/month on disposable diapers, and I’m not ready to add an extra $1000/year just for poopy plastic that’s going to sit in a landfill!

Unfortunately, the price tag on most cloth diapers is also very high– around $17/diaper, on avg. Granted, many brands offer a “one size fits all” diaper that will work from newborn-toddler, all based on how many snaps and folds you use. But still, you need about 20 to get started…you do the math, and that’s a LOT of money, especially since it’s all at once! Even the second hand diapers on Craigslist have been expensive, and that’s with them being used!

But, as you may have guessed, I found a great deal. One mom was offering 10 Tiny Tush organic cotton diapers with 4 diaper covers, for only $50. And they were barely used, simply because she never had a chance to get used to them since she was working full time and couldn’t manage all the loads of laundry they require.

I have to admit, I really like the fact that they are organic…I know my mom is rolling her eyes at this one, but it does make a difference. In fact, the cotton had a completely different feel to it, simply because the chemicals that are normally present haven’t broken down the fabric as much. The seller actually warned me that if/when I buy more new, they have to be washed at least 10 times before they become as absorbent as normal cotton– organic isn’t as porous at first!

I have 10 of the natural color, and then the 12 mo. size handmade diaper covers from Etsy. The bottom diaper has been snapped into newborn size, the top is in toddler size.

Next up, we have a high chair, the very same one I registered for. This one, however, was only $40, instead of the $130 price tag at Target. I really liked the natural wood instead of something flashy and plastic. I’m going to get some cute fabric and sew a chair pad/cover.

Practically new condition! The top part of the tray is removable and dishwasher safe. You can't see, but the back has a shelf for storage.

Last, but not least, I bought a dresser! It’s too high for it to double as a changing table, but I think I will be receiving one for free from a friend. Sorry about the poor picture quality– my camera battery is charging and I was impatient to blog about this before church tonight. The light’s not so great either, since it’s still in our garage.

If you squint, you can see the neat detail on the front of the drawers! It will look completely different when I get through with it...


One thought on “Good Buys For Baby

  1. also, i was looking online and there are a number of free sewing patterns for cloth diapers. since you are working on sewing chair pads and changing pads, I thought you might be up to the challenge of cloth diapers too. 😉

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